Recycling Metal: Creating a Better World

Metal Dump

You’ve probably come across the three R’s — reduce, reuse, recycle — and most likely they make you think of paper, bottles, plastic, and beer cans. You may not be aware that metal is recyclable too.

Yes, instead of taking your old refrigerator out with the trash, ship it to one of the reputable scrap metal recyclers in your city. In addition to getting you’re a bit of money, selling a fridge or any other broken home appliance to a scrap dealer has bigger implications.

Conserve natural resources

Recycling metal amounts to creating an above ground mine. Such a mine is much more efficient than extracting the virgin ore from the ground. See, ore extraction is a resource-intensive process that consumes lots of electricity and water.

Recycling lowers energy consumption by 92 percent when extracting aluminium, 90 percent for copper, and 56 percent for steel. Better yet, recycling lowers mining waste by up to 97 percent while using 40 percent less water.

Reduce environmental pollution

Extracting virgin ore is the leading cause of environmental pollution, raising the greenhouse gases to unprecedented levels.

Research indicates that an efficient metal recycling process may reduce greenhouse gas emission by as much as 500 million tons. Lowering these emissions mitigates the negative effects of climate change and air pollution.

Create employment opportunities

Recycling metal entails smelting and reshaping the scraps into new products each time they make it to the scrapping facility. Once a metal has been extracted from the ground, it can be reused countlessly in various industries.

The recycling process gives rise to a multibillion-dollar industry that provides gainful employment for thousands of people. Better yet, the lowered cost of production leads to low priced raw metals. As such, you’ll find newer products on the market at affordable prices.

There are numerous benefits that result when you embrace the recycling process as a way of life. In addition, to conserving the environment, you’ll contribute to making metallic items more affordable.