Reasons to Choose Screen Printing for Your Business

Business Promotions in AucklandAs everyone knows, advertising affects one’s business. One form of advertising is through signage. A proprietor like you puts up a signage to let your target market know the kind of services or products your business offers. If you want a unique design in vibrant colours, this can be possible through high-quality screen printers. Auckland has various shops that offer screen printing of whatever kind and material you may want. You may call and visit them for inquiries.

Apart from printing in brighter colours, below are some benefits of screen printing:

  • Screen printing is cost-effective.

You can use the same screen for a bulk order like political campaigns, road advertisements or contractor yard signs. Likewise, the ink used for screen print is much cheaper than the one used in digital printing; thus, making costs relatively low. However, as the number of colours increases, the price increases too.

  • Screen printing is versatile.

According to, the printers can produce quality prints like flyers, banners, signage, etc. from the same screen using any kind of material. Although fabric is the most popular, you can also print on glass, metal, wood, or any surface or material of your choice.

  • Screen printing offers high-quality prints.

Since the ink applied is thicker, you can have signs printed in brighter colours as compared to digital printing. Furthermore, the quality of the product remains the same regardless of the kind of material used.

  • Screen printed signs are durable.

The process uses pressure to force ink into the material to produce graphics that cannot be peeled off or washed away easily. Additionally, screen printing uses weather-resistant inks; thus, reducing damage like colour fading. For durability, the client has the option to choose the kind of material he or she prefers like styrene, acrylic, plastic and many more.

With all the benefits of screen printing, it remains to be a popular choice among various consumers. For your printing needs, choose the one that is reliable and dependable as the need arises.