Radical Ways in Improving Credit Score

credit cards

Credit scores are important nowadays considering how frequent people use their credit cards. It has become so pivotal that financial institutions use it to estimate someone’s capacity to pay their dues. Without it, applying for loans, insurance or even a simple mobile purchase would be much harder.

As such, people with sterling credit scores get benefits all because they are able to pay obligations in time. Note the word ‘sterling’ in that sentence. Only those with exceptional credit scores will be able to save tens of thousands of pounds in their lifetime. To those owning a bad credit, hope is not lost as there are countless ways to improve credit ratings.

While subtler solutions are more manageable, radical ideas produce above average or even remarkable recovery on credit scores. Therefore, GoCreditReport urges people try a couple of drastic measures to achieve a top rating.

Small Loans

credit cardsSmall purchases are universally workable but direct payment does nothing in improving credit scores. Instead, take a small loan that will go into the official record and pay it as promised. It will work wonders in enhancing credit scores though paying interest is an unwelcome addition.

New Credit Limits

More credit space could invite new debts but it is effective in pushing credit scores higher up the scale. Rather than opening new credit cards, consider increasing credit limits on existing credit cards. This way, the credit ceiling is little higher that makes debt management a little easier.


Credit reports are not always accurate. That is why saving receipts is a common practice for adults because it can help in correcting financial records. It might be small but rescoring works in correcting a misleading fact on their credit history.

In a matter of hours, a person can remove incorrect information on their report. It is a less radical approach, but an accurate credit report is still better than a wrong one.

Big Loans

To people living below their means, this is the perfect way to increase credit rating. Debt is a bad thing but it becomes less negative when someone has the means and financial space to pay it off. Remember that this approach is only for the sake of improving credit scores and should not be taken lightly.

There is no denying that credit reports are important as many people take on major purchases throughout their lives. That is why it is better to start improving it now than later. The work put in now can only provide much needed relief in the future.