Pull Your Kids Away from Their Gadgets with These Holiday Activities

Man wake boardingTeenagers today spend an average of nine hours a day looking at their phones, tablets or laptops. That’s way beyond what every parent would want for their children, and it can get worse during school holidays where they don’t have much of studying to do.

If your teenage kids are part of this phenomenon, don’t fret. Look for a minibus for hire here in Sydney, gather your kids and their friends and take them on any (or all) of these fun adventure trips that will surely take their minds off their gadgets.

Camp under the stars

Pack your tents and reconnect with nature. Learning how to set up a tent, make a bonfire or cook without a stove can teach your teens about the simple life. Find campsites that are near lakes or beaches to get the full outdoor experience.

Learn how to surf or scuba dive

School holidays are the perfect time to learn a new skill. And discovering one with friends makes it more fun. Teenagers can learn how to surf or go scuba dive within one week. Plus, exploring the water world in person is better than just seeing it online.

Spend time with sea and sand

Who wouldn’t want to spend time on the beach after days and days of homework? Soak in some rays, enjoy the relaxing sea breeze and let the waves wash away all their teenage worries.

Go wakeboarding

This could be a healthy hobby for sporty teenagers. Wakeboarding improves the body’s balance and tones the abs as well as the muscles on the arms and legs. Get them to work out while having fun and take them to a wake park where there are sessions for both beginners and pros.

Know that these activities aren’t only diversions from technology. They’re also a chance for your teens to build stronger relationships with their friends and realise that the world isn’t just found on a 6-inch screen.