Protecting Your Family’s Sanctuary: The Hazards of Delaying Roof Repairs

Walls With Mold GrowthOwning a home is worthwhile, but it comes with challenges. When you’re renting, all you have to do is call building maintenance if ever the toilet breaks or the roof leaks. However, in your own home, you will have to seek your maintenance personnel to repair problems promptly.

Most home issues get worse when you disregard them, and roof repair isn’t an exception. The truth is, it’s more unsafe to delay roof repair in Lancaster, PA compared to any other repairs in your home. Klausmair Construction shares just some of the hazards of putting it off:

Ceiling and Attic Damage

Naturally, your attic is where you’ll first see the damage caused by a roof leak. A roof leak doesn’t only ruin your attic’s ceiling, but it will also destroy the pieces you keep there and eventually produce mold. Bigger leaks will start to disturb your ceiling’s interior, create bubbles in the plaster and darken your paint job. You will even see damage in your ceiling lights and fans. Water damage can cause these appliances to short circuit so that they won’t function properly.

Mildew and Mold Growth

As more time passes, one of the greatest hazards you’ll face by disregarding a leaky roof is the growth of mildew and mold. Mold spreads fast, and it can be hard to remove. It can quickly affect your vents and HVAC system to infiltrate your clothes, furniture and carpets.

Possible Fire Hazards

It might not make sense, but a leaky roof can cause a fire. As water seeps into your house, it can short-circuit electrical wires. Leaving these unchecked will cause the wires to spark, and your home will catch fire. Never attempt to fix this yourself as it is a dangerous feat. Instead, turn the power off and get in touch with a professional.

Ensure that your family is safe in the comforts of your home by having your roof repaired as soon as you see a problem.