Our privacy policy exists for one reason: to make sure that our readers know how much we value online privacy. Our privacy policy covers the following terms:

Personally identifiable information

Beyond its Purpose collects personal information only when the visitor voluntarily provides us with these details. Do note that we limit the way we use data we collect from our visitors. We are limited to using personal data to process requests, answer inquiries, and sending updates about our site. Regarding contact information, Beyond its Purpose may use such data to answer an inquiry or respond to a comment concerning our service. We do not, in any way, share these information to any entity outside the correspondence or third-party organization.

Visit data

We also collect non-personal information concerning every site visit. Information from this bracket include the number of visited pages, the Internet domain, the type of browser used, the computer’s IP address, and the time and date of each visit. Beyond its Purpose uses these data only for traffic measuring and monitoring so as to provide a better service to our audience.


Beyond its Purpose does not use web cookies that can track browsing activities online. We respect our audience’s privacy to the highest degree.

External links

Our articles may have links pointing to external sites that prove relevant to a particular story. This is to enhance the reading experience of our users. Visitors are free to click and access these sites, but Beyond its Purpose does not hold responsibility for the practices and policies of these external sites concerning data collection.