Preparing For the Inevitable: Choosing a Casket

Wooden casket made of Cherry in a funeral home

Some may frown at the idea of planning your own funeral; but if you come think of it, it is actually practical. It’s future-proofing your family, so they don’t need to have unnecessary worries and problems in case something untoward happens to you.

When planning your own funeral, you need to have a list, which should include your final “bed”— your coffin. Choosing one based on your style and preference does not have to be bothersome. A reliable maker and supplier of caskets in Clearfield shares some tips that may help you.

Based on the Material

There are many materials to choose from. If you are a tree hugger, there are coffins made of biodegradable materials. If you are looking for a sleek and streamlined look, some mortuaries offer metal caskets. You may also go eclectic by combining wood and metal. If you want to be traditional, you will always find coffins made of wood.

Based on the Design

Designs will vary depending on the funeral home. Nevertheless, you will find a wide range, from simple ones to those with elaborate patterns. You can go for a simple one that uses your favorite color. Some providers even customize caskets to suit their clients’ preferences. Look inside the coffin. See if you like the cushioning and the bedding.

Based on Your Size

Have your built measured so it will be easier for your provider to find or make a casket. The size of the casket should easily suit your body. Otherwise, the thought of you being squeezed into the casket may conjure images of shame and loss of pride.

Choosing a casket should not make you feel frightened about the end. It should be a future-oriented experience. You may think of it as planning a vacation or preparing for the inevitable.