Pre-Employment Screening: How to Do It Right

a human resource personnel screening an applicant

All business owners know that hiring new employees costs money, time, and effort because you’d have to train them. This is why it’s crucial to make informed decisions right from the start. Fortunately, these days, it’s common for employees to perform pre-employment screenings on candidates.

To ensure that you get the right employee for your company, below are some practical tips for conducting pre-employment screenings.

1. Leverage the right tools

Some employers, especially more established and big corporations, dig into a candidate’s litigation history and ASIC register history. You could save money, time, and effort by conducting only the necessary background checks.

For instance, if the position involves working with or alongside kids, of course, you’d have to check the candidate’s criminal history or NSW police check, which you could do online.

However, a simple search on Google could actually provide you some information on a prospective employee’s employment history. If you’re looking for more comprehensive information, however, (which you should) you could do criminal history and credit checks.

2. Work within the confines of the law

Before conducting any background check, make certain that what you’re about to do is legal and compliant with the Australia Privacy Principles. Otherwise, you risk getting a lawsuit from the candidate.

You could likewise consider hiring a reputable screening company that’s accredited by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) and other relevant regulating bodies.

3. Inform candidates that you’ll be doing background checks

After creating a shortlist of your prospective employees, make it clear to them that you’ll be conducting background checks on them and that you would need their consent.

In addition, there’s such as thing as discrimination when it comes to hiring employees. Avoid discriminating candidates because of their age, race, gender, and so on.

Successful pre-employment screenings and background checks might play a vital role in developing your business, not to mention your budget. Just don’t forget that there’s a very fine line between invasion of privacy and ethical background checking.