Professional Photography in Corporate Branding

A photographer looking through his camera Professional corporate photography offers a unique avenue to build your business brand. It helps a business demonstrate its personal side and connect with customers. When done correctly, it also differentiates your business from that of your competitors’.

When using corporate photography for business branding, it typically revolves around the images that appear on your website, brochures, publications and social media pages. To ensure you set yourself apart in a competitive world, you should invest in a well-qualified and equipped professional photographer for business photographs. Below are some ways you can use corporate photography for branding.

Photos of Services and Products

In the era of digital marketing, a photograph is the first interaction your client has with your product and services. All elements in these photographs should work together to enhance your brand and product rather than distract from it. Unprofessional and poorly done photographs can be a turn off to prospective clients.

Corporate Headshots

Your corporate headshots should match your brand. Headshots are typically three-quarter view poses from the chest up. Corporate headshots that appear blurry, sloppy and lack attention to details will go a long way in hurting your company’s reputation. Your headshots should have all the company representatives projecting professionalism. They will be the first images anyone has of your business. You should, therefore, ensure your headshots project the right image.

Corporate Event Photos

Corporate event photography can go a long way in building your business brands. Photos from company parties, receptions, holidays and sales events can give customers an opportunity to connect with your corporate culture outside the office. Professional event photography ensures you and your employees still ooze professionalism outside your office walls.

Team photographs also offer an opportunity to showcase your company as a whole. Photos of your working space can reflect your corporation to your customers. Your brand image is an essential part of your business strategy. Ensure your photographs project it correctly.

Burial or Cremation: Which is Better for You in the Future?

As you face the passing of a loved one, your thoughts usually course to questions about the afterlife. However, there are also real-world questions that you have to answer, like what you want your loved ones to do with your final remains.

You can postpone this decision and ignore it because of fear of the unknown, yet picking between burial and cremation can help your family. It might not seem essential now, but this decision can reduce the struggle, pain and indecision they will experience after you pass.

You can even make it easier for them by making the prearrangements, like picking headstones here in West Valley City, if you do end up choosing burial.

Cultural and Religious Beliefs

Culture and religion guide views regarding the existence of an afterlife, and the purpose of life and death. You must consider this aspect primarily because your religious observance may overrule other considerations.

Every tradition has their personal views about the afterlife and death, and each of them can have an impact on your final decision.

Funeral and Memorial Services

When someone passes, their loved ones typically want to acknowledge their death. Funeral and memorial services offer a comforting space where loved ones can remember personal moments, say goodbye, grieve and celebrate the life that person lived.

Cremation, on the other hand, is not an alternative to a service or a funeral. Funerals can either be closed or open casket, and it happens before the cremation or burial. Memorial services usually occur after cremation where the picture of the deceased, their urn, and flowers are on display.

The decision between cremation and burial can be hard. In the end, it will rely on your personal preference, like wanting the burial near your family who already passed. On the other hand, you may wish cremation if you are more environmentally conscious.

If you still cannot decide, try speaking to a spiritual or religious leader, your family or other loved ones to help you weigh the pros and cons.

The 4 Components of Functional Workspaces

A company and its employees work together to create a good work environment. But times are changing, and with it, the evolution of the office environment. What worked back then may not work for today’s workforce. There are bound to be changes that come with the classic office setup that, in turn, change the way people work.

This new outlook on what offices should be has given way to shared working spaces. Co-working spaces share many similarities with traditional offices when it comes to function. Both essentially require certain elements to help professionals do their jobs—and do them well.

Here are four of those elements:

Fast and Secure Internet Connection

The Internet provides various platforms for communication and data storage. With it, employees can conduct meetings with different teams without traveling and they can collaborate on projects without delay. So it plays a crucial role in facilitating business processes.

Companies not only rely heavily on a fast, consistent Internet connection. They also need security with that connection. Insiders can manipulate data and outsource them to rival companies, or hackers can compromise the business.

Comfortable Workspaces

A cramped room isn’t the best place to work in. Giving employees a workspace where they can stretch and move freely should be standard practice. In fact, a spacious and well-designed workspace with good furniture can make employees more productive.

Discussion Rooms

Brainstorming ideas and discussing the future of the company is ideal for both start-ups and reputable companies. Of course, sensitive information shouldn’t be discussed just anywhere. A designated discussion room will elevate the discourse and create a good environment for teammates.

Hardworking Staff

The most important component of any company is a dedicated, hardworking group of employees. Without your staff, there is no company. High-performing employees will not only move your business forward. They will help maintain its position in the market well into the future.

The work environment may look different today, with the introduction of co-working spaces. But some of the same elements still have value for traditional and nontraditional office spaces. In incorporating all these elements, you can develop and maintain a good work environment for your business.

Will Trump’s Tax Reforms Benefit the Retail Sector?

The U.S. retail sector may benefit from U.S. President Donald Trump’s tax reforms, as it proposed certain changes to the corporate tax rate.

Real estate and banking firms could also find themselves at an advantage due to the tax framework, which also calls for at least five years on full and immediate expensing on certain assets and a lower net interest for corporate loans.

Tax Incentives

White House officials and Republican lawmakers have been at work on the new tax legislation, and despite the supposed benefits, most of the language of the proposal remains uncertain. For retail businesses, a lower corporate tax rate to 20% from the existing 35% would be the most beneficial, according to Rachelle Bernstein, vice president and tax counsel at the National Retail Federation.

Poonam Goyal, Bloomberg Intelligence senior U.S. retail analyst, said that lower corporate tax would allow retail companies to increase earnings and cash flow. Based on a Bloomberg Intelligence analysis, a 15% tax rate would provide an increase in average 2017 earnings by up to 35%. The analysis covered 15 companies that paid a 35% tax rate in 2016.

Diverse Plans

Trump’s tax reforms take place at a time when retailers diversify their approach on market strategies. The industry has borrowed a page from the marketing books of their European counterparts. Some retailers such as Publix and Wegmans have realized that customized product offerings and services are an efficient addition to a store manager training program.

Their success lies in understanding that the U.S. is not just a single market that only requires a one-size-fits-all solution. By focusing on the individual preferences of customers in their respective area of operations, they can generate stable business that could grow even bigger if the tax changes take effect.


Whether or not the tax proposal becomes law, any changes to the corporate taxes arguably benefit the retail sector amid the challenges facing the industry.

Lease or Buy? The Choice When It Comes to Heavy Machinery

Oh, the allure of that new heavy construction equipment! Before you fork out your hard-earned cash in exchange for ownership, you should think first. It might be more beneficial to rent than buy one.

Whether it is an excavator, roller, dumper, loader or truck, Hire Direct Ltd explains that a heavy machinery for hire company in New Zealand gives you many options. You should, however, settle for a company with immediately available, well-maintained equipment. They should also have a speedy field service should you need one. Here are the benefits of renting heavy equipment.

It is Cost-Efficient

The initial cost of buying heavy equipment is quite steep, and yet the machines depreciate over time. It is not wise to cripple your business financially with equipment loans. With rentals, you need not worry about the costs associated with heavy equipment ownership. These include storage, maintenance, repair, insurance, operating costs in addition to government licensing fees and taxes.

You Hire Specific Machinery for Your Project

You cannot be precisely sure what your next assignment will entail or the equipment you will need. Maybe it will be a different equipment from the one you own. Reducing the risk of spending so much on machinery you might not use by settling for rentals. Rentals allow you to choose machinery according to your specific project needs.

You Can Access the Latest Technology

New machines and innovations continually come up in the heavy machinery market. You do not want to be stuck with outdated technology while your competitors get their jobs done efficiently. Renting equipment allows you access to the latest technology available at affordable prices.

The construction market is often affected by factors beyond the industry’s control. Equipment rentals allow your balance sheets to cope better with industry downtimes. You do not want to keep paying maintenance costs for a machine you are not using.

A Critical Factor That Makes a Hotel Stand out from the Rest

The environment that a person sleeps in can contribute significantly to how they feel the next day. Luxurious beddings, soft pillows, and ergonomic mattresses — all of which you can find in great hotels — can all help to ease one’s stressfulness and tensions. This is one of the reasons many people in Australia, whether locals or tourists, choose to reward themselves by staying in such establishments.

As a hotel owner, you want to give your guests their money’s worth, which means satisfying their needs. And seeing as one of these is having a great night of sleep, you should invest in wholesale hospitality supplies for the rooms that exude comfort and relaxation.

Sleeping environment and quality of sleep

The bed, together with all its furnishings — including the mattress, pillows, and beddings — is undoubtedly the focal piece of any hotel rooms. It’s always the first thing that people look for. Everything else is secondary. This makes complete sense, seeing guests choose to spend money for a spot that they can really feel comfortable in and have a relaxing sleep.

Always keep in mind that cheap materials translate to discomfort. Quality ones help provide that good night sleep and result in your guests waking up the next morning feeling refreshed and full of energy.

“Making” your hotel bed the right way

Since most hotels, including yours, make use of standard bed sizes, the differences you can make is in the quality of everything else. For instance, a too firm mattress can lead to guests feeling stiff and sore the next day. Mattresses that are too soft, too, can do more damage than good. As for bed linen, avoid those made of extremely thin fabrics. Not only do they feel itchy, causing discomfort and insufficient sleep, but they also have a much shorter lifespan, forcing you to purchase replacements sooner than you would like.

A Crucial Step to Improving Your Mortgage Qualification

So it’s time to upgrade your status from being a renter to a homeowner. However, buying a home takes more than just having the money, looking for the perfect place, and sending in your mortgage application. There are many things you have to prepare for, and seeing that the home financing service is the biggest player in this process, you want to do everything to qualify.
The good news is, certain strategies will help increase your chances of securing one of the most affordable mortgages. Utah is one of these states that includes the strategy of paying your existing debts.

The impact of your outstanding balances on your mortgage application

This strategy doesn’t automatically mean that you have to clear your debts to quality for a home loan. However, the fewer debts you have, the better your standing is when it comes to your mortgage. How much you owe at the moment plays a major role in your mortgage qualifications and the amount of money you can borrow from a lender.
All lending institutions first take a look at their applicants’ debt-to-income ratio before they approve (or reject) the mortgage. As such, having a high debt ratio puts you at risk of disqualification, since this means you still owe other creditors – such as credit card companies – a lot. They automatically assume that you may have a hard time making mortgage repayments on top of your other loans.

The 36% limit

Although not all lending institutions follow this, most do. This 36%  should be the limit of a borrower’s total debts versus their gross monthly income. When your current balance total is close to 36% of your gross monthly income, lenders may already reject your application.
You should first take a close look at your debts before applying for a mortgage. Pay off what you can while still saving up for a down payment, as this will free up lines of credit that will make you more favorable in the eyes of lenders.

4 Useful Reminders When Applying for a Home Loan

Buying a home is a huge undertaking. It is a complex process which makes it a little too intimidating. One wrong move could ruin your chances to own and buy the home you’ve been dreaming about. This is why it’s important to take this task seriously to avoid committing any mistakes. To make the process less of a burden, here are some reminders recommended by Altius Mortgage Group and other mortgage experts in Utah, to assist you throughout the whole process.

1. Be Sure You’re Financially Ready for It.

Before you even start hunting for houses, you have to ensure that your finances are well-managed and that you have balanced your income and expenses. Try to work and improve your credit score as well as your monthly expenses or obligations at a minimum. Lenders often go over on these things to assess your financial capacities and limitations.

2. Take Time to Understand Upfront Costs.

Upfront costs are the additional fees that lenders would ask for you on top of the amount you’re borrowing. The costs usually vary depending on the lender. There are those that have lower fees but higher purchasing amounts. Most of these are on a case-to-case basis, so you have to really understand it the fees to find out which among the offers would work perfectly for you.

3. If It Gets Complicated, Call a Pro.

The whole process will certainly be confusing at a certain point. If you happen to be struggling in understanding or absorbing everything, you could always hire someone to do it for you or guide you. As mentioned earlier, a mortgage is a complicated business which has a lot of possibilities mistakes.

4. Choose Your Mortgage Wisely.

Borrowers are typically faced with two options when choosing a loan type — interest-only mortgage or fixed-rate mortgage. To make the selection process easier, always list down the pros and cons of each option. Once you lay down everything, your mortgage application will become more manageable and a lot easier.

Buying a home is a highly challenging task, most especially the when it comes to getting a mortgage. The process sounds tedious, but with proper knowledge paired with informed decisions, it can be more manageable.

Types of Office Espresso Machines: Where to Get Your Caffeine Fix for Today

Purchasing an office espresso machine will save your workplace a lot of time lost with employees queuing at coffee shops.  You also get to serve your guests high-quality coffee right in your office.

Before getting a high-quality machine from a reliable coffee supplier for offices, here are some facts on espresso machines you will choose from.

Steam Espresso Machines

Steam machines work through pressure. You heat water in a sealed chamber, and it becomes steam, which then passes through coffee grounds into a mug or carafe. Stovetop steam machines consist of a water reservoir resting on a stove that boils the water into vapour.

The vapour passes through a lower and upper screen with coffee in between and stored in a top chamber. Pumpless electric espresso machines work the same way.

Piston/Manual Lever Espresso Machine

This machine offers you full control over your entire coffee brewing process. The device uses a hand lever linked to a piston. Pushing the hand lever upwards moves up the piston and brings up pre-heated water.

Pulling down the lever forces the boiling water through coffee grounds. These machines can produce pressures of up to 8-9 bars. This is standard brewing pressure of an authentic espresso drink.

Electric Pump Machines

An electric pump espresso machine has a pump that pulls up water from the reservoir into a boiler that heats up the water. Pressing the brew switch pushes water from the boiler into coffee grounds. You can pre-set the precise water temperature before the coffee brewing starts.

There exist three electric pump machines to choose from your coffee suppliers for offices. Semi-automatic electric machines have a switch where you flip on and off to start and end the brewing.

Automatic espresso machines do not need flipping off and will switch themselves off after a set time. With super-automatic machines, all you do is fill the reservoir, and the machine does the whole brewing process. They are the most expensive.

4 Keys to Workplace Safety

Many have said that the most critical part of any company is the people who work there. They are the ones responsible for keeping things moving and tending to the bottom line of your business. Therefore, it is equally important to keep them safe and well taken care of. Most people think that is a costly investment. Ask manufacturers of quality safety products, and they will tell you otherwise. Here are four things you can do affordably.

Put up signage.

One of the simplest ways to keep your workplace safe is to put up signs in areas that present hazards and dangers such as falling objects or slippage. The best places to put warning signs are in entranceways, comfort rooms, pantries, and storage areas. Simple laminated printouts are usually enough to keep everyone aware of the dangers.

Install anti-slip mats.

If you want to go a step further, then you should also invest in anti-slip mats. This is crucial in areas that see a lot of rainfall or warehouses that work with lots of ice and water.

Distribute safety helmets.

If you are in a business that involves transportation of goods or construction jobs, then you should invest in sturdy safety helmets. These protect your employees from serious injury and even death. These can also help improve the productivity of your workers.

Gloves help too.

Gloves are also a great addition, especially to manufacturing and construction businesses where workers handle heavy metal objects or items that are hot.

Bring these four tips to life in your office and workplace, and you can be sure that your employees and customers as well are safe and secure.