Open Enrollment: A Quick Guide for Employers

EmployeesEvery year, open enrollment occurs to give employees of a company a chance to make changes in their health care benefit options. However, not all the workers take this opportunity to get an option that best meets their needs. In turn, making decisions with regards to the employee benefits falls on the employers.

If you’re an employer that offers benefits packages, here’s a quick guide on how to prepare for the next open enrollment period:

  1. Evaluate the Health Care Needs of Your Staff

It’s easy to assume that your workers are happy with their current benefits. However, it’s not a good practice especially if your workforce is composed of a diverse range of ages and lifestyles. Instead, it is best if you evaluate the health care needs of your staff. Run a survey and assess whether the current plans are ideal for particular groups of your workforce.

  1. Keep Your Employees in the Loop

Before the open enrollment, communicate with your staff about the importance of the said open enrollment. Provide FAQs, cost comparison charts, enrollment how-to’s, and other information your employees may need. This way, it’ll be easier for them to understand why they need to decide on their benefits.

  1. Engage Them as Much as You Can

During the enrollment period, engage your employees as much as you can. Perhaps, your data management service provider could help you have a streamlined and a user-friendly registration process. You may also give your staff a one-on-one assistance with your HR specialists, so they won’t have a hard time completing the forms and other processes. Most importantly, provide your employees with enough time to finish the enrollment by reducing their tasks during this period.

Employee benefits can be costly for you as an employer, but they’re essential to your staff. With proper health care benefits, you can take care of your employees for years. In turn, they can provide you with the service that will make your company grow further.