Online Appeal: Why more Shoppers Are Ditching In-Store Purchases

Online ShoppingGoing to the mall can be a great experience. There is a certain satisfaction in sifting through a pile of clothes on sale and walking through the mall with several shopping bags on arm as you indulge your inner shopaholic.

According to HAGGLEFREE™, however, more and more people are choosing to do their shopping online. With mobile shopping apps on the rise, more customers are ditching in-store purchases to buy products online. What makes online shopping so appealing to customers, though?

Customer Convenience

Fighting your way through a crowd surge during sale season, enduring long lines at the checkout lane and playing tug of war with fellow shoppers over a coveted item are the hallmarks of in-store purchasing during sale season. Buying products online takes all those frustrations away. With online shopping, customers can access everything in one place, at any time of the day!

Access to a Wide Range of Products

Searching for a product online gives customers a lot of freedom to look at thousands of designs, styles and colours. In fact, an online store can compile a variety of products, such as electronics, beauty products and home appliances, so consumers won’t have to go from one store to another. Furthermore, it eliminates the need to explain everything to a shop assistant.

The Right Item for Everyone

In-store shopping during a sale is a brilliant way to score a great deal, but most of the time the good products are gone before you can get your hands on them. When you do find what’re looking for, it’s out of stock. The salesperson will tell you that the store across town might have it, but why bother? After all, there are a hundred places to search for that product you want online. There’s no need to take your chances going store to store without any guarantees.

Online shopping is appealing to customers not only because shoppers get the same feeling out of the experience for a lot less time and effort, but also because of the easy access to a variety of products, models and styles.