Not Just a Matter of Where, It’s also a Matter of When to Invest

Investment Management Courses“The only constant is change” is an adage repeated so many times, you could recite the quote in your sleep. It also serves as a dire warning to investors. Chances are if you don’t invest at the right time, you’re bound to have minimal profits – or worse, an emptied bank account.

Timing is Everything

Ace Profits Academy and their instructors of investment management courses agree the element of timing can make or break the growth of money. This is knowledge that isn’t easy to come by, so those who are still testing the waters should take advantage of an investment course.

Price of Mediocrity

When you’re trading in the stock market, for instance, procrastination can carry a steep price, Investopedia details in “5 Common Mistakes New Investors Make”. As markets move so quickly, other investors could take note and beat you to the punch, grabbing a lucrative buy or sell right before your very eyes.

Not being able to observe proper timing can mean loss money in property investments. When you want to maximize your gains from a real estate investment, “timing really matters a great deal”, said Stan Humphries, Chief Strategist at online real estate marketplace Zillow.

Those who bought a home in 2009, for instance, would have to bear 3 years of home losses, referring to home value appreciation, Zillow director Svenja Gudell added.

The great Steve Jobs himself was an advocate for right timing, one he pursued with an unparalleled passion. Sensing a great need for smartphones, he rallied the market to go gaga at pricey iPhones, doing what Nokia execs thought impossible and selling the product brand that would eventually make his company Apple the most valuable company the world has ever seen.

Moving forward with an investment transaction without adequate research and due diligence is throwing money away. The same is true with procrastinating, or holding back an investment when the proper time to do so has arrived.