Millennials Marketing to Millennials: The Search for Authenticity

Today's biggest demographic: MillenialsIn today’s marketing world, it’s all about Millennials. The Internet is full of advice on how brands can capture the attention of the biggest marketing demographic since the Baby Boomers. Businesses want to get inside the new generation’s mind, to understand what makes them tick.

But the conversation doesn’t end there. It shouldn’t be just about marketing to Millennials; it’s also about marketing Millennials.

How should the new generation view their role in the world of digital marketing?

Digital Authenticity Matters

Millennial marketers are no different from their predecessors — they are still marketers. But just accepting the role, says Musselwhite Marketing and Consulting, a digital marketing expert, should not reduce the marketer’s inner authenticity.

Staying authentic is the secret to better marketing. It remains a personal source of strength, creativity, and marketing savvy. It occurs when marketers express passion for the things they love, as well as those they loathe. It also encourages openness about opinions and beliefs.

In digital contexts, authenticity should manifest on all social media platforms — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Periscope.

Being THE Brand

Most Millennials wish to stay away from the status quo. They refuse to stay traditional, drifting away from stoic religious, political, and cultural institutions. This makes sense to the average millennial marketer, but it also poses a challenge. Why?

Because the brand itself is an institution and as mentioned, Millennials aren’t big fans of institutions.

Instead of creating a pretentious aura around the brand, millennial marketers should BE the brand. It’s not about being glamorous anymore — selfie-snapping and real selves are the real deals. The solution is to embrace the brand for all that it is — good or bad.

Strategy over Tactics

Some marketers have the tendency to prioritize tactics over strategies. While there is nothing wrong with tactics, focusing too much on them is detrimental to any marketing strategy. Rather than spend all efforts embracing ALL tactics, it pays to think holistically by focusing on products and audiences to create a powerful strategy.

Millennials have a good pulse on how today’s customers think, act, and buy. Despite little blunders here and there, they make the best marketers, especially if they do strategies right.