Measles Patients: How Child Care Centers Help

A nurse talking to a child

The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified measles to be one of the leading causes of deaths among children below 5 years old. As a parent, it is critical that you are familiar with the disease for you to protect your children from it.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) require childcare facilities to abide local and state regulations in handling cases of measles in children.

Usual U.S. childcare center procedures

Though there is no particular treatment for measles, infants are vaccinated as early as one year old, and a second shot before reaching kindergarten. Childcare centers are required to record all children’s immunizations.

In rural areas, small centers tap companies for physician staffing to augment medical personnel to ensure documentation are properly done. You need to be honest in telling the doctor about your child’s vaccination and give information about your child’s condition.

It is important to for centers to know measles cases, as it is their responsibility to notify local and state public health officials to prevent a possible outbreak of the disease. A child afflicted with measles receives supportive care to avoid severe complications.

It is important for measles patients to have proper nutrition and keep them hydrated. They can also take antibiotics could in some situations.

Pay attention to measles symptoms that may lead to complications

Coughing, runny nose, fever, and red eyes are the common symptoms of measles that you may think a simple cold. You need to notify a doctor immediately if red rash starts to appear on your child’s face and to other parts of the body.

Diarrhea and other complications like hearing loss, brain swelling, and pneumonia could lead to death especially in children.

It is critical that children get vaccinations to fight against measles virus. Children with measles should get the right nutrition and medications to mitigate the risk of serious complications.