Matching Your Stroller Choice to Your Child’s Age: The Expert Guide

A couple pushing a toddler on a stroller

Parenting comes with unique challenges. One of the difficulties is transporting your child from place to place. Fortunately, this is now easier with the advent of strollers. When going on vacation, however, it is inconvenient and sometimes impossible to carry your baby’s stroller.

To solve this issue, there are various stroller rental companies in Miami. When renting your stroller, there are numerous features you should look for depending on your child’s age.

Here is a guide for matching your stroller choice to your child’s age and needs.


The primary need for newborns is head support. The ideal choice for these children is a high-end umbrella stroller, which allows your baby to recline without the head falling to one side. Go for a strong, structured stroller with an excellent suspension system, which can absorb shocks and prevent jostling of your baby.

There exist some newborn strollers with bassinet attachments, which can double up as mini cribs.

6-12 Months

Your baby is sitting upright at this age, and the primary needs are safety and comfort. The stroller you select should have plenty of cushioning and support. A five-point harness is also an essential feature of your 6-12-month-old’s stroller since you should keep your child secure and snug.


At this time, your child has started walking, and convenience is a primary need. You should go for a portable stroller with an easy and quick fold. A five-point strap to keep your little explorer secure is still an essential feature at this age.

Pinch points where the stroller’s canopy opens and closes are also a vital feature for your baby to support his/her hands as they walk.

Sun protection, adjustable handlebars, and adequate storage space are essential features regardless of your child’s age. By matching the features of a stroller to your baby’s age, you have an assurance of your child’s comfort during your vacation. This enhances your peace of mind, as you can now fully enjoy your vacation.