Marketing for Startups: 4 Reasons to Consider Customised Stationery

Newly produced customised stationeries

Marketing is an essential aspect of any business. For start-ups, it may be difficult to decide where to kick off your marketing campaign.

While there are other avenues, customised stationery serves as an effective marketing tool, but is often overlooked. Using quality stationery products will facilitate easier transactions, as well as build brand recognition and recall.

Here are the reasons you should use customised stationery for your business in Australia:

Project a Positive Image

Customised items represent your company in a professional and positive manner. Since they bear the colours and symbols that are the face of the company, the items will create a good first impression and leave a lasting image. It plays an important role in attracting more clients.


Once you identify potential clients, be it in a conference or meeting, business cards form part of the interaction process once a representative introduces themselves. Since the clients carry the card with them, they can always get the details about the company. As a result, there is a widened scope of coverage for your business.


With the different types of stationery, you have a chance to market your company in a creative and professional manner. Branded envelopes, pens, letterheads, folders, and thank you notes, among others, provide an opportunity to reach a wider audience without being intrusive.

Exhibit Professionalism

With a standardised set of customised products, your clients will take you seriously as they get the notion that you mean serious business. The customisation acts as a sign of being organised and helps reinforce your corporate identity while boosting your marketing efforts.

For stationery to be an effective marketing tool, the products should be of high quality, unique, memorable, and bear the company’s distinct logo and corporate colours. When these remain consistent, they help boost the company’s visibility and increase brand awareness.