Luxury is in the Details: Small Improvements to Upgrade Your Kitchen

Luxurious Kitchens

From homeowners to interior design professionals, kitchens are a place where a lot of work goes into achieving functionality and style.

They say love is in the details but luxury can be as well. Read on to find some small changes that’ll make a big impact in any kitchen.

Architectural Hardware

One of the easiest ways to spruce up a kitchen with minimal effort is changing the pulls and handles of the drawers and cabinets.

This quick fix also works great to visually unify any mismatched furniture, achieving a high-end look for the kitchen.

There are many places that sell drawer pull handles, like Castella, with many options to choose from. Materials like polished metals and glass are preferred by many to complement their kitchen’s design.

A splash of colour

If the kitchen has a good structure that still works, consider adding a pop of colour to the cabinets can instantly liven up the place.

Mixing the colours of the lower, upper cabinets and island adds to the richness of the design.

Neutral palettes are a go-to option for interior designers working on modern kitchen cabinets, with colours like off-white or soft grey a touch of blue, green or even a deep red can create an eye-catching look.

Glass inserts

Cabinets with glass panels visually open up the space and can make the kitchen feel bigger while adding an expensive look to it.

Whether frosted, transparent or seeded, this element is a simple addition that greatly updates the look of the kitchen giving it a modern twist.

With a small few changes like new drawer pull handles and some paint, updating a kitchen to give it a luxurious feel can be quick and easy.