Love Thy Neighbour: The Introvert’s Guide to Getting to Know Neighbours


A new house will turn into a home when you jive with the community in your new neighbourhood. Suppose, however, that you’re not the type to knock at a neighbour’s house and confidently introduce yourself. You’re also not the type to organise housewarming parties. In short, you’re an introvert. If this is the case, how do you get to know your neighbours and be at home in this unfamiliar neighbourhood?

Here are some tips to help you out:

Walk Your Dog

This is the easiest way to meet people in the neighbourhood. You can be sure people will be kneeling and petting your dog the first few minutes into your walk. Also, get ready because you’ll probably meet more once you get to the park where other dog owners are likely playing with their fur babies, too. With your pets as a common point of interest, you can then start a conversation. Ask how old your neighbours’ Shih Tzu is, or if he or she knows of a nearby pet store where you can buy your pooch’s essentials. That right there could be your first real conversation with your new neighbour.

Drive Your Kids to School

During your first days in your new house, make it a priority to drive or walk your kids to school. This way, you’ll get to meet the parents of their classmates. A simple hello or even a wave would suffice. Soon, you’ll be familiar with one another, and this can help you be at ease with them and them with you.

If you relocated to a neighbourhood like Donnybrook in West Australia, some of them might even live near you. Many of its residential areas are near schools. They’re also close-knit communities, which is an advantage you and your kids can enjoy.

Go to the Supermarket

If you chose a house in the suburbs like those in Donnybrook, Victoria, where there are many local cafes, restaurants, parks, and shopping centres, a quick stop to any of these establishments will help you meet new people. These are where your neighbours probably hang out. You don’t have to introduce yourself to people or strike up a conversation; just be there. Soon, someone will come up to you and say, “Hey, your kid goes to the same school as my son.”

A new home and a fresh start are things to look forward to. Use the tips above to overcome your shyness.