Looking Casual and Sharp? Yes, It Is Possible

mens clothing

mens clothingThese days, ‘casual’ and ‘sharp’ are not mutually exclusive. Grooming trends come and go, but comfort never goes out of style. What better way to maximise comfort than looking relaxed and cool in your casual wear?

With the right combination, you can put casual and sharp together. It is up to fashion experts to decide where casual-sharp ends and where casual-lazy begins. Here are some ideas to stop you from crossing the line.

Aim for mature

Most men approach the casual look from the wrong angle – they want to look young. If you are looking for the perfect balance between sharp and casual, aim for a mature style.

Maturity is an attractive quality in men. It reveals a sense of wisdom, stability and power. Not to mention, it calls for respect.  It will be an incredible advantage if you can translate that through clothing.

That does not mean you should dress like your father. You simply have to avoid portraying yourself like a teenager, unless you are a teenager. The idea is to stop looking a like boy and start dressing like a man.

Tip: Make a combo of grey cardigan over a knit V-neck Logan Brixton T-shirt.

Wear jeans that actually fit

A pair of jeans is the epitome of casual wear. You cannot be too lax in choosing the right pair, or you may end up looking like a struggling uni student.

The rule is simple, yet we still see many guys breaking it. Jeans should fit well – that is it! Not too baggy, not too tight. Also, forgo embellishments. That means no ripping, no bleaching and no distressing.

Tip: Wear a pair of slim fit jeans by Levi’s.

Class up your shoes

A pair of dirty, scuffed up sneakers are never a good idea, unless you are going for a homeless look. When it comes to footwear, tidiness is the primary plus point.

People expect shoes to be muddied. Walking in that pub with a comfortable-looking and clean pair of Air Jordans is definitely an eye-catcher.

Tip: Do not go for loafers. They are too dressy to be casual. Play safe and choose originals from Adidas or Nike.

Gone are the days when casual means lazy and underdressed. If you have the right materials put together, casual can look sharp and professional, whilst feeling comfortable.