Level Up: Skateboarding on Ramps

Skateboarding SceneYou may not be a fan of Lil Wayne, but he is dedicated to the skateboarding scene. He previously had ramp experts create skateboard ramps for his fans during the 2nd Annual Lil Weezyana Festival. After the event, the ramps were supposed to be shipped to the West Coast, but they were given to a local skate park in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Have you ever tried ramps? Once you have a firm grasp on the basics, you can take your skateboarding to the next level. First, you have to learn about ramps. Ramps come in different types. One type is the halfpipe. Halfpipes have two slopes at the sides and a flat portion between those slopes.


When you divide the halfpipe even further, you get the quarterpipe. Quarterpipes only have one slope. To drop into either a halfpipe or a quarterpipe, you have to stand at the top of a slope and ride your skateboard down the ramp. With a halfpipe, you can gain momentum with this in order to go from one slope to another.


There are other things to skate on besides ramps. You can try your hand at grinding on a grind rail or a round skate rail, OC Ramps suggests. Grind rails can be placed simply on the street. You can also attach it to a grind box, another piece of equipment for grinding. You can even use the grind rail as a stair handrail.

Air and Vert

Other kinds of ramps include a launch ramp, which does not have a top deck, unlike halfpipes and quarterpipes. You can easily get air with such a ramp. When you really want to go pro, you can try skateboarding on vert ramps. Vert ramps are more than six feet tall and have slopes that eventually go vertical. You will know vert ramps if you have been watching skateboarding legends such as Tony Hawk.

Are you ready to take the next level? Ramps and grind rails await you as you advance in your skateboarding.