King of Investments: Venturing in Queensland’s Tourism Industry

Queensland’s Tourism Industry

Queensland’s Tourism IndustryQueensland’s growing population and booming economy has set high standards for those living in it and wanting to visit the region. The state’s ranking is second with a 2.4% difference among other states. It follows that QLD provides investors with the opportunity to start businesses while knowing that there is a huge client base, wide choice of employees and well-established facilities, which include the tourism sector.

You can choose to invest in Cairns, Whitsunday Islands and at the South East. Reaching these commercial areas is not a problem as the state has four international airports that connect them to strategic countries like China, Korea and Japan — all of which are countries that have a high number of tourists in AU.

As of 2010, the state recorded about 17.5 million local and global guests per year. Most of which just stayed for a day, but accumulated a return of above 19 billion AUD.

The main travellers’ spot was the Gold Coast with more than 10.5 million transient vacationers and around 10,000 new occupants annually. As far as the South East part of the state is concerned, more accommodations are needed with only 64,000 rooms in the region.  Now, isn’t it the perfect time to get in touch with your local motel brokers for your prospective business venture?

Why Buy Motels?

Since you already know that the state is a perfect place to invest in, you might want look into the possibility of buying and owning a motel.

Motel brokers in Queensland will give you a choice between the freehold deal and the leasehold option. Once you choose the first arrangement, you will be the motel’s property owner and manager at the same time. Meaning, you own the property and you have the rights to resell it while you need to take care of the supervisory chores every step of the way. This is advantageous because you can resell at a bigger value while all the income from the business is yours, since you do not pay rent.

When you opt for the latter choice, you will agree to a long lease period, but for a lesser cost. The price depends on the net earnings of the motel prior to its sale. The lease comes with three vital elements such as the length of the lease, the equipment and fixtures and the intangibles, which include the motel’s good name and customer base. Within the rental time, you will have the chance to up the value of the motel and get the most income in the process.

Live like a king upon starting your business venture into the booming industry of tourism in Queensland.