Investing in a Sign Franchise is More Profitable Than Ever

people having a meeting on the design of signs

The sign industry is relatively a newcomer in terms of value and production capacities and economies of scale. With the use of newer sign manufacturing and printing technologies, the industry is riding on a wave of expansion never before seen in decades. Investing in the sign industry is indeed never been more roseate as now.

Continuous Growth

With the American economy growing again after the recent global recession, sign, graphics and visual communications firms are poised to make gains from the ongoing economic turnaround. As per an International Sign Association (ISA) report in 2017, growth in the sign industry is expected to remain in the green until 2019.

The report’s highlights include the following:

  • Suppliers in the printing industry will record growth until 2019 after a decline in 2016.
  • With the electronic and digital sectors, a surge is expected until 2018 after a slowdown in 2016.
  • Growth in the end market electric and digital signs will continue until 2018, staying above historical growth trend until 2019.
  • The architectural signage’s end market will retain the above-average growth until the end of 2018.

The ISA also noted that the supply side is predicted to grow until 2018 due to the strong investments made in 2017. Fixed investment increased 11.4% in that year, the strongest in the last half-decade.

Investing in a Sign Franchise

With the high expectations through 2019, the industry is ripe for further investment expansion. One good option is investing in a sign franchise.

Signs are very critical in directing customers to businesses, helping them improve brand awareness. Since there are many different forms of signs used in the industry, any franchise opportunity will produce unique business models for investors. Sign franchises, like the average franchise, will provide all the capital and technical support a new franchisee would need in guaranteeing the smooth management of his or her franchise.