How to Produce Top Notch Corporate Videos

A man's hand holding a video cameraThe internet has changed the landscape of business marketing. With video streaming, companies can now directly show their corporate videos to a much larger audience. Now, a company in Florida can show their videos to anyone in California, Utah or even New York.

With these great new benefits come a few important pointers as well about how to create successful videos. More than just choosing a great corporate video production company in Utah, such as Red Rider Creative, it takes dedication, creativity, and a little bit of heart to make a good video.

If all else fails, you could always follow these tips.

Show Don’t Tell

The lesson you have repeatedly learned in your English class takes on a deeper meaning with the medium of video. Audiences do not want to watch a 5-minute video of a person giving a speech about how awesome your company is. They want to see how you do it.

They want to be part of the experience. Make sure that your videos are visually appealing and give serious consideration if you are thinking about putting a part that is a little too “talk-heavy.”

It is All about the Customer

I know it feels great to show people that the genius ideas you have had streamlining your business process have greatly improved the lives of all of your clients. But seriously, who wants to watch a pseudo-documentary about how your business handles its business.

Instead of going into the details of your methods and processes, try showing specific scenarios that your customers will relate to. They want to see themselves using your product and having the time of their lives while doing it.

Emotions, not Logic

On the business side of things, logic must rule. But on the advertising side, emotions take the throne. Unless that is your marketing project right there, no company wants as a label a cold, unfeeling, heartless robot. Show videos that celebrate the human experience.

People tend to scroll down corporate videos in social media settings, but with a little consideration about these tips, your marketing project just might do what it is intended to do: advertise!