How to Maintain Your Lithium Batteries

lithium battery

Most people who own lithium batteries are not aware of how to charge them properly. This decreases the life of the batteries, which can be super expensive. Today, companies such as Benchmark Minerals can tell you how to charge your lithium batteries properly.

Don’t Let Them Drain Completely

Never let your lithium batteries die on you. It is better to charge them at 50% or more rather than discharge them up to 0%.

This is the reason why phones usually have that warning when your battery is just around 20% or 10%: to let you know that it is time to charge it. Allowing the battery to drain will make it much more difficult to recharge, which means that it will use up more energy than usual.

Avoid Overcharging Them

Most people are guilty of charging our phones and leaving them plugged in overnight while they sleep. This does a lot of harm to your lithium battery, making its lifespan a lot shorter than expected.

Make sure to unplug your phone before going to sleep. Charging it to at least 80% to 90% is enough because you will not have to charge it to a hundred percent every time.

Let Them Cool Down

If you notice that your lithium batteries are starting to get hot while charging, unplug them right away. This can also happen if you have too many applications open on your laptop or phone, so make sure to close them properly when they are not in use. Otherwise, you might experience an accident because of your devices. Thus, it is vital to follow this tip.

Ask your supplier about how to properly charge and take care of your device’s lithium batteries to extend their lifespan.