How to Keep Your Elderly Dog Happy and Healthy

Dog carried by owner

As dogs age, they become more susceptible to developing diseases and they may have less energy than before. Owners can do several things to keep their pets happy and healthy.

When dogs are slowing down, are less alert, and less agile, they may be developing symptoms associated with old age. Depending on the type or breed, the senior years begin from age six to nine years. Owners can prolong their dog’s life or improve their health by doing some simple yet effective things.

Choose the Appropriate Diet

Diet is an important aspect of staying healthy. Senior dry dog food, for example, is formulated to be nutritionally balanced for older dogs. Senior dog food recipes typically contain less fat to protect the pet against obesity, which is more common in old age. Being leaner will also mean less pressure is put on the dog’s joints. Food for older dogs also has more fiber for a healthy gut and stronger immune system.

Carry on Exercising

While the dog may not be as enthusiastic as he or she was before, continue with a walking routine. Exercise is important, as it keeps the muscles and ligaments supple; therefore, protecting the dogs against certain conditions such as arthritis. It also reduces pain by boosting natural feel-good hormones, improves blood flow and oxygenation to vital organs, and helps keep the dog happy.

When walking with an elderly dog, it’s important to check his or her comfort level. Only continue the walk for as long as your pet appears comfortable and be sure to bring enough water for you and your dog’s proper hydration.

Add Supplements

Dogs can benefit from supplements, such as glucosamine to improve cushioning of their joints, Omega 3 oils for a shiny coat, and botanical herbs for increased energy. Some supplements also contain cranberry for urinary health while others are grain-free for sensitive stomachs.

Regular exercise and fresh air, combined with supplementation and a diet tailored to elderly dogs can help your pets live happily in their twilight years. Be sure to buy only high-quality products from trusted brands to ensure your pets’ safety.