How Dehydrated Employees Is Draining Your Business

water cooler

Have you ever thought about water coolerhow dehydration affects employee productivity? No? Well, you aren’t the only one. Hydration isn’t exactly on top of the list. It may not even be on anyone’s list, but believe it or not, your employees’ water intake impacts your business.

Habits of Dehydrated Employees

Water is a vital nutrient for the body, but when you are working in a busy environment, it’s easy to overlook its importance. There are many ways dehydrated employees can harm your business and lose you money. Fatigue is one of the main effects of dehydration and it stops people from functioning at full capacity. People who do not drink enough water also get sick more frequently, are less productive, are moody, and sluggish. If your employees start exhibiting these bad habits, it won’t take long before your business starts suffering, too.

Hydration in the Workplace

Drinking water is the single best thing we can do for our health, but when you have employees trying to meet strict deadlines, would they even care? There are many ways to encourage hydration in the workplace, and when implemented, you can be sure that your colleagues are more productive, happy, and fit.

  1.  Coolers – says filtered water coolers are perfect for helping people stay hydrated while they are away from home. Bottled water is ideal for short distance travels or while in transit, but won’t be enough for a whole day in the office. Water coolers eliminate that problem and give your employees access to fresh water to renew their energy.
  2. Fresh Fruits – Eating the right food contributes to our daily water intake. Foods that keep you hydrated include watermelons, cucumbers, strawberries, and yogurt.
  3. Water Bottles – Encourage your employees to bring their own water bottles so they can keep hydrated while in transit. This is a good suggestion for employees who prefer to walk or take their bicycles when going to work.

Staying hydrated isn’t just a personal choice. When a person starts to suffer from dehydration, it also affects how they perform and how they deal with other people. Make sure there’s plenty of water to go around to keep employees sharp, productive, and happy.