Here are Energy-Efficient Solutions for Water Heating

man checking on the water meter

Approximately 30% of a residential property’s energy bills go to water heating. That’s why in a bit to minimize costs, some homeowners are opting for cold water for their needs. This, however, doesn’t need to be the solution for reducing your power bills.

There are now different technologies designed for energy-efficient water heating. You should hire the services of a plumbing company in Chantilly to guarantee its effectiveness. Here are some of them:

Tankless Water Heaters

Storage water heaters have significant standby losses with the water stored for later use. The ideal solution to negating standby losses is a tankless water heater. These heaters instantly heat water on demand and still provide an endless hot water supply. These will reduce your energy cost by approximately 30% and also cut down wastage of water.

Solar Water Heaters

Natural gas and electricity are quite expensive in most places. You can harness solar energy for your property’s water heater’s fuel. The initial cost of buying a solar water heater and its installation is high, but in the long run, it will result in over 70% energy savings. You can have a backup heater to get you through long cold periods.

Geothermal Water Heaters

These use heat from the earth for heating your water. The heater will draw in the heat in the inner layers of the earth in cold months and heat from the air in warm seasons. Geothermal water heaters have high installation costs but your HVAC can also use the geothermal heat, and this makes the option cost-efficient.

Energy costs should no longer be a hindrance to your water heating needs with the above options. Before settling on one, get a plumber to assess your property and hot water needs. They will then recommend the ideal sizes to get for the above appliances and the best one to meet your needs.