Giving Your Online Portfolio the Buzz It Needs

Online Portfolio From MelbourneWhether you are working as a freelancer or are committed to a project full time, there is one thing you need as a designer or photographer that is just starting out: an attractive portfolio.

The number of impressive reviews or work histories falls short if potential customers can’t see what you can do. How can you prove your skill without evidence? With a portfolio website, you easily showcase your work.

Despite the numerous portfolio sites online, only a few are successful in attracting customers. Their works are beautiful, but since the site does not get much traffic, they fail to reach the intended audience.

Too Much Content

According to Voodoo Creative, one of Melbourne’s agencies specialising in website design, too much content can kill your site.

Informing your customers is a plus; overloading them is a minus. A portfolio website should display only the best of your work — not everything. When have more samples, visitors experience difficulty browsing your site.

Showcasing everything fails to answer an integral question from your customers: What is your best work?

Poor SEO Practices

Website design cannot survive without proper search engine optimisation (SEO). Unfortunately, it can be quite complicated so guessing your way through it may sabotage your chances. If you haven’t applied quality SEO on your website, it’s never too late to start.

SEO basics are pretty easy. Research on keywords in your content that match what people search for online. If you wish to learn more, professional SEO experts can lend a helping hand.

Stand Out, Get Noticed

Attracting prospective clients is a challenge. With the endless competition, holding out a sign with your services isn’t enough. In the sea of competitors, how can you stand out?

Make some noise.

Get your site noticed on the web. Also, follow your target market wherever they go. Since almost everyone’s on social media, be active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you’re feeling creative, make a brochure or a video.

Don’t let your beautiful works go to waste. A little touch-up on your portfolio makes a big difference in raising awareness.