Four Surprising Benefits of Using LED Lighting

Stage LED lights

You have probably heard about the benefits of using light emitting diodes commonly known as LED. Here are some of the benefits you stand to enjoy when you switch to LED lighting.


LEDs are energy efficient as compared to regular incandescent bulbs. This is because LED consumes up to 90 pc less power versus the incandescent bulb and other conventional light bulbs. This means less power consumption and considerable savings in power bills in the long run. For instance, if used for commercial lighting in Tampa or elsewhere, LED use culminates huge savings for the business owner.

Eco -friendly

Unlike the conventional fluorescent lighting bulbs that contain toxic materials like mercury, LED lights are free of any poisonous chemicals. The LED lights are also 100% recyclable and can reduce your carbon footprint by a third. With prolonged use, it means that LED will help conserve raw materials and reduce the need for production. Therefore, LED lighting is considered “green”.


LEDs don’t have filaments and glass enclosures like traditional bulbs. Instead, an LED light is a tiny chip encapsulated in an epoxy resin enclosure. This makes it breakage resistant and immune to vibrations. LED light is also unaffected by the constant switching on and off, making them very suitable to use with intelligent sensors. Impressively, an LED bulb can last more than 20 years.

No delays

With an LED lighting, you will achieve brightness almost instantly. This makes them perfect for businesses with safety concerns, or who need instant bright lights after a power outage. This is unlike fluorescent and HID lights which can take up to three minutes before hitting their maximum output.

LED is a better alternative for many domestic and commercial users due to their apparent advantages over the traditional lighting options. The above benefits are some of the many that you stand to enjoy when you replace other lighting methods with LED lights.