For Event Organizers: 3 Tips for a Successful Conference

Audience at the conference hall in corporate event

Managing a huge crowd in one place can be overwhelming for some event organizers. One particular instance is organizing a big event such as a conference.

Before booking your event space in Manhattan, NY, be sure to read the following tips to know how you can make the event truly memorable to the attendees.

Communicate with your audience

Make sure to communicate with your attendees way before the conference. Let them know in advance the exact date and location of the event and provide modes of transportation and directions as well. This is especially important for attendees who are not familiar with the place or are coming from a different state, for instance.

You should also have a team dedicated to sending emails to the attendees. This is to notify them about the schedule and who your speakers are going to be.

Delegate the tasks

It is a must to hire different teams when organizing an event. Trying to handle everything yourself will often lead to chaos and an immense amount of stress. Try to find people that you can delegate tasks to and train them in advance to avoid any miscommunication. Some of the roles that you should fill are the following:

  • Volunteer coordinator to assign duties to the volunteers,
  • Speaker coordinator to assist the speakers with their needs,
  • A/V wrangler to take care of all the audio and visual needs, and
  • Room monitors or ushers to assist the guests with the seating and moderation.

Choose an accessible location

Let’s face it—no one would actually want to go to a conference being held at the farthest part of the town. People tend to be interested in conferences and events that can easily be accessed through public transportation or somewhere they can easily drive to.

You should also consider getting a place that can cater to everyone—look for elevators, ramps, and reserved seating for the elderly and the disabled.

Stick to your schedule, fix your badges, and provide a good Internet connection for the guests. Give them an experience they will never forget, and for sure, you will stick to their minds, too.