Flashy Promotions: Using USBs as Promotional Products

Personalized USBUSBs make great giveaways, considering how something so compact could be so useful. From business conferences to educational orientations, these prove to be a great way to promote your business.

Speedex Group recommends using USBs as your next marketing move, as it is one of the most popular promotional items used by different companies today. Here are a few ways your company can make use of these custom branded merchandise.

Giveaways at Conventions

USBs are a great and memorable giveaway at conventions. What’s good about getting flash drives with your logo on it is that while these are used by the recipients, the more they are exposed to other people; the recipients somehow become endorsers of the company as they carry your merchandise with them. Plus, they can use these items for a long time, as they are both compact and necessary, especially for those who constantly work with digitised documents.

They also serve as alternatives to business cards as USBs can contain pre-loaded data, such as small presentations about your company.

Catalogue Alternative

Meeting up with potential partners or someone interested in working with your company? Instead of carrying around a catalogue of information about your company, why not give them a flash drive containing the necessary documents – less paperwork to deal with, as everything they need to know is digitised and easily accessible.

USBs Through Direct Mail

Direct mail is a marketing strategy in itself, as it aims to reach target audiences directly. Couple this with promotional items, and you’ve got a recipe for garnering more potential customers.

If you haven’t thought of using USBs in your promotion scheme, then the best time to start is now! Apart from flash drives, businesses can use promotional screen cleaners, chargers, computer mice, speakers, earphones, and phone cases. The best thing about using USBs for promotion is that they are more affordable than other means of advertising – this goes for custom branded merchandise in general.