Employers’ Guide on Keeping the Workplace Clean

cleaners cleaning an office hallway

It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure a clean workplace for the employees under federal law. If not, the employees could file a complaint against you without worries of retaliation according to OSHA. Before things get any worse, you as the employer must make the necessary steps to ensure that your workplace complies with health and safety regulations and that everyone practices cleanliness and proper hygiene at work.

Benefits of a Clean Workplace

A clean workplace reduces the chances of employees being sick. It also avoids the spread of infectious diseases and the risks of accidents and injuries. According to studies, employee productivity increases by up to 12% when workers are healthy and happy. At the same time, a clean environment improves your company’s image, which is helpful since it’s a factor that many clients and investors look into when making decisions.

Tips to Ensure a Clean Workplace

The cleanliness of a working environment starts with its employer. You should create health and safety measures and enforce these through proper information and compliance. Here are useful tips that will help make your office clean:

  • Hire a maintenance staff or get regular janitorial services in Chula Vista to keep all areas in the workplace, including the restrooms, clean and tidy.
  • Schedule professional HVAC maintenance from time to time to ensure good indoor air quality.
  • Restock supplies including toilet paper, sanitizers, alcohol, and cleaning products every week.
  • Stations should have easy access to hand sanitizers.
  • Use printed signage to encourage employees to practice cleanliness and proper hygiene at all times.
  • Inform employees of the need to report health and safety risks immediately.
  • Dispose of garbage properly, every after office hours.
  • Discourage eating at workstations to avoid pest infestation. Instead, assign an eating area.

Doing these things will make the workplace clean and tidy, and your employees healthy and happy. With satisfied employees and a clean working environment, overall productivity will improve; so is the company’s image.