Delicious and Good-Looking: Pointers for Culinary Presentation

If you are a cook or a chef, you know too well how vital culinary presentation is. Some, however, take it for granted, thinking that they can always do it any old time they want. But if you want to be good at this aspect, you need to master the basics and learn how to mix and match things.

Food presentation is among the things that can entice client. Its imagery and visual play will make the food look even more delicious. Looking for more pointers to improve your skills? This article has it for you! Here are some of the things you may want to keep in mind!

Choose the plate

The plate is your canvas, so you need to place the best one. Make sure that your dishes will stand out, so choose plates with neutral shades, such as white and cream. You may experiment with black for that upscale and elegant appeal. Finally, you may choose to create layers; you can put your plate on a resin tray for extra presentation.

Arrange the elements well

You cannot just put in all the food components. Chefs advise putting the moist ingredients as the base. Put the solid pieces on top for that contrasting effect; for one, you can put a cut of steak over a carrot puree or mashed potato. Do not put too many elements in one plate, as it may end up disastrous and messy.

Pay attention to colours

Colours are wonderful, so utilise them for your plating. Create contrasts by accentuating your base food components with smaller items. For one, you can use the herbs and greens as an accent for your bowl of chowder. A brush of sauce on the plate will serve as the finishing look for your steak and lettuce combo.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind if you want to make your dishes look good. Seek inspiration from online videos and food magazine.