Commercial Warehouses are Getting Ready for the Holiday Rush

Commercial Warehouses in the U.S.Companies around the world are preparing for the Christmas season, updating their inventory and preparing to ship out the first batches of orders. Commercial warehouses are especially busy in the weeks leading up to Christmas, as they are inundated with new packages.

The Christmas season is especially profitable for retail businesses, but if they cannot handle the increased workload during the holidays, they stand to lose money if they are not careful. Industrial and packing workstations must complete tasks efficiently to meet demand.

Increased Demand and Spending

British customers spent an average of £868 for Christmas 2015, buying presents, food and drink for the holidays. The majority of shoppers buy their presents online, flooding warehouses with packages to be delivered. As many as 90 percent of people do some, or all, of their Christmas shopping online.

The holiday rush is starting earlier and earlier with each year, as British companies begin adopting American promotional sales tactics such as Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday deals. In the US, Black Friday, which is held the day after Thanksgiving, marks the start of the Christmas shopping season for retailers.

The logistics of keeping up with demand can be overwhelming for less experienced companies who do not have the infrastructure or the workers to handle the demand.

Warehouses Prepare for the Christmas Rush

Warehouses handle the majority of online orders as well as the items to be shipped to brick and mortar stores. Companies tend to hire temporary help during the Christmas season so that they can keep up with demand. For example, Amazon UK, which is one of the most popular online retailers in the country, hired 20,000 seasonal workers this year in addition to their 3,500 permanent staff. Last year, over 7.4 million items were sold on Black Friday, which means that collectively, workers had to process about 86 packages per second across all Amazon warehouses in the UK.

To prepare your company for the Christmas season, make sure that your packing systems are well maintained and that you have sufficient workers to handle demand. Otherwise, you may just miss the benefits of the holiday season rush.