Commercial Flooring: Aspects to Consider for Design or Retrofitting

Commercial FlooringCommercial and facility spaces are frequently subjected to high-foot traffic among other factors. No matter if you are constructing or retrofitting an office, healthcare facility, or some other facility, you have to consider all the factors that will determine what flooring is best. These factors include foot-traffic, slip-resistance, durability, maintenance and much more.

Non-slip Feature

You can choose a flooring that, of course, keeps people from slipping up. Slip resistance is especially important in sports and healthcare facilities where foot traffic is high. With the optimum slip-resistance of the flooring, you can prevent injury and avoid litigation from such injuries. You can make the smart choice of using rubber sheet flooring from Field Rubber Ltd that offers high slip-resistance.

Degree of Traffic

Now, when you consider flooring based on high foot traffic, you can follow the example of global commercial flooring trends. Educational facilities, for instance, favour carpet tile for its flexibility, acoustic capabilities, and vast design choices. These facilities also moved away from vinyl composition tile to rubber sheet flooring.

Rolling Load Capacity

When it comes specifically to healthcare facilities, you can consider rolling load. Rolling load is to wheels what foot traffic is to feet. Wheeled equipment such as beds, gurneys, and others exert both vertical and horizontal pressure simultaneously. Designers have turned to heat welded vinyl, though it has to be installed correctly. Alternately, you can use rubber flooring.

Flooring Costs

Cost can be another determining factor of flooring material. Vinyl and linoleum both have more affordable initial costs than rubber. In the long run of 20 years, however, rubber ensures providing lower lifecycle costs than the two previous materials and carpet as well.

All Aspects of Flooring

Other factors you can consider are environmental sustainability, durability, and maintenance costs. In all facets, rubber seems to emerge as one of the best flooring material for commercial and facility spaces. You can choose rubber or other material based on your needs at the facility.

As long as you consider all of the previously mentioned aspects of commercial flooring, you can design or retrofit your facility with flooring for the present and the future.