Clean Eating and the Food Trends that Follow Its Principle

Healthy breakfast bowl

Clean eating is a way of eating that focuses on choosing food in its most natural state. The diet steers you away from processed food and directs you to wholesome food. This approach to health and wellness was declared a top food trend in 2016, and it’s still popular for diners that even caterers like Blast Catering offer whole food options to clients for their events.

The diet fad, however, has given birth to other food trends that follow a similar principle.

The Emphasis on Gut Health reports that gut-friendly food will take over your dining table this year. These kinds of food include fermented, pickled and preserved all done naturally. Fermenting, pickling and preserving are natural processes that produce food that’s good for your gut health.

Prepare to read about kimchi, miso and kefir repeatedly in food blogs and see them on restaurant menus. These types of food gain popularity for their probiotic effects. Probiotic powders are also on the rise since they provide good intestinal health.

The Rise of Mocktails

Part of eating healthy is cutting down on drinking alcoholic beverages. Excessive consumption of alcohol is bad for your health; the key is in moderation. In response to the needs of the health-conscious, restaurants and bars are creating creative mixes that leave the alcoholic ingredients out.

Mocktails are non-alcoholic mixes that blend lemon, teas, coconut juice or cream and other nutrient-packed, delectable ingredients. These healthy sparkling drinks are a good way to slowly drop unhealthy drinking habits.

When you choose to “eat clean”, you’ll be picking more vegetables, fruits and whole grains. You’ll also be cutting back, if not eliminating, refined grains, sugar and additives from your everyday meals. You might even eat less meat.

You might start this shift in your diet to try the latest thing, but clean eating is not just a trend. It’s a way to restore balance and wellness in your life. With wholesome, nutritious ingredients in your diet, you can enjoy food in its most natural state, and look and feel good in the process.