Choosing The Right Freight Forwarding Partner For Your Business

trucks carrying containers of items for shipping

The logistics aspect of any business operations is crucial for successfully transporting products and items. Because of this, companies should find the most competent freight forwarding partner for their needs.

Freight forwarding in the Philippines or in any country is a necessity for different industries. Companies that have products to move have to make the right decision to get the most reliable freight forwarders to partner with. In this list of guidelines, you will know how to choose the best one for your business.

Proven Track Record

Check if they already have the experience for the specific needs of your logistics. Not all freight forwarders can accommodate the requirements of certain products like chemicals, cars, or food. Thus, research their track record and the reviews of those who have hired them. Do they have excellent recommendations or bad remarks?

Ask for their past experience related to the specific shipment of your products. Find out if they can provide everything you need for the shipment process. If they encountered problems before, how did they fix it? It is best to know these details beforehand so you’ll know how they really work and handle issues.

Inclusion of Insurance

A freight forwarding partner must be clear in stating their insurance coverage for your items. How much is the total amount they can provide? What are the conditions they can consider? Will they cover for loss, damage, theft, accident, or natural disasters? Some insurance policies don’t cover certain risks. It is better to know the details ahead rather than regret it later after not preparing for an unforeseen event. An insurance is a must for any shipping of products.

Details of Handling Shipment

You should also know the details when it comes to handling shipment. It’s important for you to have direct contact with the persons who will take care of their respective responsibilities—from who will receive your documents, who will update you when your products are already in transit to who will receive your products. Ask also how they will notify you of those details, whether it’s via SMS, phone call, email, etc. The contact persons must be accessible during business hours and, if possible, even beyond that.

Member of Networks or Associations

Compare the fees from several freight forwarders. The amount may vary because of their affiliations. If a freight forwarding company is a member of trade associations or networks, it is an added assurance that they will provide quality service. These groups will not include a freight forwarding company that cannot reach the standards they have set. Also, they have regulations for their members to follow and can exclude those who will breach these guidelines.

Making sure that your products reach their destination every time is a key ingredient in your company’s success. A good freight forwarding company will assure you that.