Central Heating Systems: Types and Benefits

Heating SystemA central heating system is a system that warms up an entire building from one point or room to the other rooms. From the name itself, there is one central source of heat.

According to Heating Systems Ltd, central heating solutions have many types to provide warmth to a certain building – wet systems, warm air system and storage heaters.

Wet Central Heating

Wet central heating makes use of pipes where hot water flows, which are connected to radiators to heat a certain building up. There is a boiler or ‘heat exchanger’ fueled by natural gas at the centre of those pipes to heat the water. Heat is transferred through convection. Warm air rises and cool air sinks. The air warmed by the radiator is distributed in a specific area of a room to the other rooms.

Warm Air System

Also fueled by natural gas, the air in this system is warmed by a boiler and delivered to other rooms in a building through a network of ducts. Heated air transfers to a room through a floor or wall vent.

Storage Heating System

In storage heating systems, a storage heater containing bricks stores huge amounts of heat that are warmed up overnight using electricity, then slowly circulated the day after. Storage heaters can sometimes be used as direct electric heaters, skipping the storage of heat part; releasing heat from electricity directly.

The equipment used in central heating systems are found underfloor so no one can see their unpleasant appearance while performing its function in providing warmth to the building. Also, one can get more than what they paid for when installing these heating systems because of the comfort it could bring. And, they are safe to use. It decreases the circulation of both dust and dust mites in the air.