Professional Brokers Can Help You Find the Best Property

Commerce is a very important factor for any city as it directly affects how its residents could sustain a livelihood. Areas with competitive commercial businesses will have more people with higher standards of living and have more money to spend. For many cities, a commercially viable location for its residents can be a challenge. This is why companies like say looking for commercial real estate properties in Vancouver requires professional help.

When it comes to purchasing real estate, especially properties that can be used for commercial purposes, dealing with a professional real estate agent is vital. In Vancouver, demand is steadily increasing for commercial properties, and having the right agent on your side can help you find it.

The following are some of the reasons why working with professionals makes life easier:

1. Familiarity with the area.

Since they are based in Vancouver, they are better able to provide you with the best locations for the kind of business you are trying to set up.

2. Has a team of experts.

A professional agent can help you with the important paperwork you need to complete to purchase a commercial property.  These papers will also depend on what kind of business you intend to use for your property.

3. They could provide a proper evaluation.

When you purchase a commercial real estate property in Vancouver, you will have to assess the real value of the property. Professional brokers will have done the job for you which saves you more time and effort.

If you are looking to buy a lot or property, then you know just how difficult this is. This is why entrepreneurs often seek help from professional brokers and services like because it makes it easier for them. Professionals offer expedient service as well as answers to the majority of your pressing questions.

Types of Vehicle Roof Rack Systems: What You Should Know

If your vehicle does not have enough storage space, then a roof rack is a safe and ideal option for you. A vehicle roof rack comprises of towers, load, crossbars and landing pads or fit kits. Rain gutters were the first kinds of this, consisting of gutter foot packs and load bars.

You can still find them on older vehicle models, often passenger and full-size cargo vans. Here are some of the newer types of roof racks for 4WDs and other kinds of vehicles.

Racks for Bare Roofs

These are the ideal racks for vehicles that have no pre-installed factory roof rack system. Most bare-roof cars have mounts on the inside of the car’s door jams. Since vehicles have different doorframes and roof contours, roof rack manufacturers design kits to overlap between the vehicle and foot pack.

Rubber bases and metal brackets coated in rubber customise each vehicle’s foot pack.

Racks for Raised Rails

These are the option for you if your car has pre-installed side or continuous rails. Newer model cars have flush rails. Manufacturers bolt these rails to your car roof, leaving no space between the roof and rail.

Flush rails need a kit or clip to fit the rack to your car. For raised rails, you need no other parts to mount the towers.

Roof Racks for Tracks

Tracks run parallel to one another on your vehicle’s roof outer edges from the front to the back and come fitted with a channel, which attaches the crossbar system. A car-specific fitting kit is necessary because roof tracks come in different widths and depths.

The attachment of the rack to your tracks requires drilling.

The factory pre-installs fixed-point connections under a flip up or removable panel. You will require a vehicle-specific fitting set to install your roof rack to the car. When getting roof racks for your vehicle, make sure you buy the highest quality from a reputable dealer.

NAR: Limited Supply Causes Unexpected Drop in July Home Sales

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported a 0.8% drop in its pending home sales index for July, due to a persistently low level of supply in the US.

The unexpected decline further reflects the worsening situation of fewer homes listed for sale nationwide. The recent decrease also took place for the fourth time since April 2017.

Index Issues

The drop in pending home sales as shown by the NAR index indicated a slower pace of home-buying activities. Aside from this, a lower inventory also causes home prices to increase, while salary growth gets left behind. This excludes more buyers from the market due to unaffordable property values.

In July, the residential market recorded only 1.92 million existing properties for sale. This represented a 9% drop over the past 12 months. Given the numbers, the NAR revised its sales estimate for 2017 to 5.49 million from 5.56 million in June. Lawrence Yun, NAR’s chief economist, said that the current trend might lead to an estimated 5% increase in the national median existing-home price. This is similar to the 5.1% increase in 2016.

Short Supplies

For investors, buying homes may not be the best option right now due to the difficulty of selecting bankable properties. Instead, rental schemes could be a good alternative. These include Section 8 real estate investing offered by experts such as Americas Housing Alliance, LLC. Leasing rates have generally increased for multifamily properties compared with single-family homes.

On the other hand, a property sale serves as another option to liquidate your investment. However, you’ll need to consult with a real estate investment company first. They will determine the best strategy for selling.

Home sales serve as an economic growth indicator. As such, a shortage of homes on the market causes problems beyond high prices and affordability.

A Check List for Your Rental Property Investment Venture

Are you ready to invest in a property meant for rental or vacation purposes? Take a peek at the scenic properties available in Rockport-Fulton, Texas. Residential or summer rentals in this beach front town, where world-class fishing and yachting abounds, can be very lucrative all year round. Here are some suggestions to get you started on your selection.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Rockport Properties, Inc., who offers a wide range of rockport listings, knows that renters come with all kinds of requirements. And, not everyone needs a big house to live in. Even large families will not require multi-roomed mansions just to have a great time in Rockport. Location is one of the best features you can offer, along with the proper furnishings and affordable rates. Consider focusing on a specific target market. Then, research on what they need the most from a rental. This would narrow your choices down a great deal.

Safety Check

Security involves more than just the neighborhood, and Rockport is a wonderful and secure area. Check the property for safety hazards, especially if you plan to rent it out to retirees or families with youngsters. Make sure that the windows, walls, stairs, locks, and wirings are up to par with modern requirements. Look out for the possible presence of harmful construction materials, such as asbestos. Be especially aware of these factors when viewing old homes.

Secure Your Options

Remember that you are entering a business venture. Consider the monetary requirements and financial issues of your purchase. Other than your mortgage payments, take note of property management, regular upkeep, local and national taxes, building requirements, bookkeeping, and so forth. You also need long-term and short-term business plans, along with possible alternatives if you suffer losses.

There are so many options open to you in Rockport. This is an investment that can truly be lucrative if you keep within your budget and your target market. Rule of thumb: Do not buy anything you wouldn’t want to rent for a vacation or live in yourself.

The 4 P’s of Marketing for Landscapers

Gardener holding tools

Landscaping aims to improve the appearance of a property by adding plants and ornamental accessories, changing the existing design, and planting trees and shrubs. People want their properties to look more beautiful, which is why more entrepreneurs decided to offer landscaping services. If you are a landscaper and you want to increase your customer base, you need the right marketing agency to help you.

Marketing for Landscapers

The challenge faced by a landscaper, much like that faced by most service providers, is how to get customers in the midst of competition. This is where an effective marketing program comes in. Upfront Crew Marketing Solutions agrees that this program is composed of the following elements:


This refers to the service you provide in general and specialties, if any. For example, your general service is landscaping, and you could be specializing in yards with large areas, or a specific theme. The effective presentation medium for this product is visual (i.e., pictures or videos of sample work) with a technical description on hand for interested prospects.


This is how much you will be charging for your services and may have two components: design and implementation (labor and materials). Pricing strategies vary; one way is to charge based on a customized list of materials, cost per man-day, design fee, and management fee. Another way is to charge per square foot of blue grass, for example, with price per piece for add-ons, such as trees, shrubs, vines, statues, fountains, etc., each one considering labor and topped off with a management fee. The method you choose may be based on the client’s specific requirements or how your competitors compute for theirs.


In landscaping, this refers to the reach of your services; i.e., distance of the project area from your headquarters. In defining this element, you could consider the farthest distance you can travel to while remaining competitive in terms of pricing.


This set of activities aims to convince the prospect to choose you as his service provider. For landscapers, the prospect could be the property owner or the general contractor. It is advisable to focus on one type of prospect in the beginning so you will also have a focused promotional plan. Awareness of your particular service could be promoted via flyers and leaflets, local tri-media advertising, geo-specific internet advertising, and keyword research, among others. Seasonal consumer promotions (e.g., off-peak season discounts, package-plus-free-options), referral incentives, and other activities may be considered in your advertising campaign.

Landscaping, like most services, is a business with many competitors. The right marketing mix is necessary to engage your target market and enjoy a successful business operation.

3 Ways to Improve Your Book Sales

Social media for content marketing

Technology has given writers of today the chance to improve their sales like never before. For instance, social media has made it possible to authors and readers to “talk.” Authors shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity to help improve their book sales. Here are some tips on how to do it:

  1. Invest in an Online Accounting System

The goal is to sell books. When you start to receive big orders, you need to ensure that you’re getting your payments right. Many writers invest in a royalty payments accounting solution to keep track of their orders and royalty payments. This is useful if your books are being distributed in various mediums and several countries.

  1. Create Online Promos

One of the simplest things you can do to improve your book sales is to create online promos. Offline promos are great too, but the majority of your readers are online, so it’s better to meet them where they are. Promos could be as simple as giving away free copies of your new book if they buy a previous title. You can give away free copies to several lucky Instagram users who post IG-worthy snaps of any of your books. You can even collaborate with other authors to expand your reach.

  1. Engage Your Readers by Giving Teasers and Trivia

These days, it’s easier to connect with authors using social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networking sites have made it convenient for writers and readers to connect and engage. Don’t miss this chance to milk on the opportunity to engage your readers about your new and existing titles.

If you have books currently in circulation, consider these tips to help improve your book sales. Don’t underestimate the power of social media and suggestion, especially now that technology has made it possible to connect with more readers from all over the world.

Stun Gun or Pepper Spray: Choosing Your Brand of Personal Protection

Woman sprayed a pepper spray to the bad guy Ideally, people would rather avoid getting involved in physical altercations. The reality, unfortunately, is that at some point in their life, there will be those who will seek to do them harm. Women, in particular, have been subjected to attacks by malicious elements.

These situations have created the need for personal protection items, most prominent of which are stun guns and pepper sprays. Both seem equally potent, so people may not instantly know which self-defense tool to use. Several factors, in fact, must be taken into consideration in the purchase of either of these personal protection products.

Legality of Self-Defense Tools

The legality of stun guns varies by city and state. Despite being non-lethal in nature, stun guns are still capable of causing harm if used improperly; thereby the ban from several counties. If you are looking to buy a stun gun, ask your local sheriff or police chief to check whether you are allowed to own one. Louisiana, for example, allows residents of Slidell to purchase stun guns purely for protection purposes.

On the other hand, all 50 states allow the purchase and possession of pepper spray. Restrictions, however, apply depending on size and potency, among others. Again, check with your local authorities the prescribed limits in owning pepper spray.

Size Matters

Both stun guns and pepper sprays vary in size, depending on your preference and use. You might favor something that’s small and easy to conceal or something larger that provides a good, secure grip.

Innovations in pepper spray models, among others, come in its useful disguises. You can buy one that looks like a tube of lipstick or a writing pen, giving your potential attacker no clue to your defense capability. Stun guns have developed similar improvements, where certain models are made to look like regular phones.

Power Variation

Regarding incapacitating an attacker, pepper sprays have the advantage of range and duration. A standard spray can spew its chemical mixture from several feet away, and the effects last for 15-30 minutes.

Stun guns require a close-range application for maximum effect, but stopping power is much more potent, capable of disabling an attacker almost instantly. Duration is average, immobilization only lasting for about 3-7 minutes, but still plenty of time for you to run away and call for help.

Protecting yourself is something you need to be ready for at any time. Understand your self-defense options and invest in them; it is better to be prepared than to be a victim.

Successful SMS Marketing for Your Business

Woman Looking At Her Phone

Almost everyone has a cellphone in Singapore. In fact, the country has the highest market penetration of smartphones in the world. This means that more people use smartphones in Singapore than any other country.

This is why marketing through SMS can be an effective way to grow your business and make sure that your products or services reach your target market. SMS marketing has the distinct advantage of being able to reach a niche market based on their age, gender, location and even their lifestyle choices.

Though SMS is a highly effective advertising medium, like all marketing efforts, you need to know how to approach it in a way that appeals to your audiences.

Set Your Subscriber’s Expectations

When sending out your first SMS messages, be sure to set your subscriber’s expectations. Always ask for permission to start sending them text messages, and add at least one short sentence about what they will be about — for example, if you are advertising for discount alerts, be sure to mention that early on in your text body. You should give them an option to unsubscribe if they no longer want to receive any messages.

The last thing you want to do is for your customers to start associating you with spam — it can have negative effects on your company’s image.

Send Just the Right Amount of Texts

Too many text alerts only serve to annoy your customers — never send daily SMS alerts as this will only be detrimental to your marketing efforts. It lessens the impact of your text messages and may even lead to more people unsubscribing from your alerts.

Instead, try to keep the frequency to two messages per month. This ensures that your messages retain their impact.

Have a Clear Call to Action

In SMS messaging, the call to action is incredibly important. SMS is a highly responsive advertising medium, and you need to give your target market clear instructions to follow. It usually will involve sending a message to a specific number. For example, “Text GET DISCOUNT NOW to 1111”.

Your call to action should be simple, easy to follow, and concise. Be sure to place it at the end of the text message where the reader can see it.

A successful SMS marketing campaign is all about finding the right balance — you want to be informative and engaging, but not too pushy.


Top Ways to Add Value to Content

Online marketing with the employeesContent is always at the forefront of any online marketing campaign; it is the heart that sends blood to different aspects of your strategy. Publishing shareable and bookmark-worthy pieces will get you to the top of search engine results pages. An expert on content copywriting services cites the following ways on how you add value to the posts you publish.

Customized Visuals

Blog owners and managers that use stock photos heavily tend to use the same or similar images across their accounts. Doing this doesn’t make you stand out, it makes you recede into the background where everybody else is. To avoid falling into this trap, customize images or logos for your accounts and websites. This injects life into the pages and personalizes the content you publish. This differentiates you from the competition and allows you to build a strong brand.

Visualize data

Data included in content improves its authority and relevancy; however, simply discussing numbers may confuse some readers. Add value to these content types by visualizing data for visitors. Using infographics, bullet points, charts or even simplified photos make the numbers easier to understand.

Resource Links

Linking to resources isn’t simply citing works or leaving sources at the end of the article. To add value to a post, genuinely share resources to your visitors. Provide them with apps, other posts or tools that allow them to understand the content more.

Get Social

Get to where the conversations are at; this allows you to engage your audience and provide them with value. Add widgets to blog posts to show how your readers are mentioning your brand on their social networks. Having engaging conversations on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms allows you to learn more about industry-related topics and attract more readers.

These proven strategies add value to the content you publish; high-value posts provide you with a competitive advantage and allow you to reach a wider audience.

3 Small Business Types That Can Benefit the Most from Local SEO

SEOFor several years now, SEO has been a game changer in the digital marketing industry. It does not only help businesses gain a stronger presence online, but it also levels, in a way, the competition between the big and small industry players. As a matter of fact, some minor business types can benefit the most from local SEO, and here are some of them:

  1. Medical Practices

Dental practices, doctor’s offices, and urgent care clinics can reap the most reward from local SEO. For one, most of the target customers of these businesses are residents. Also, people who seek medical attention want immediate treatment or solution. When they search online for a dental practice in their area, they would likely click the first website they’d see on Google. So, it is essential that you rank high if you provide medical services.

  1. Law Firms

Typically, people who need legal counsel look for a lawyer nearby. Therefore, appearing on the first page of the local searches is vital for law firms, as well. If you have a law office, make sure you boost your local rankings. Check if your business listings are working properly, as advised by the Also, look at the keywords you’re targeting; make sure you optimize your site with keywords that include the particular location of your firm.

  1. Plumbing Companies

In times of burst pipes and other sudden plumbing issues, the first thing a person would do is call an emergency plumber. Where will they look for that emergency hotline? Google. To make sure you’ll get all those calls, improve your local SEO strategies. Again, use relevant, location-specific keywords when optimizing. Online reviews can also help to improve your local rankings, so make certain that customer reviews are visible once a user searches about your plumbing company.

Boosting your local SEO campaign can do wonders for your business, especially if you own one of the three business types mentioned above. If you want to maximize the full potential of local SEO, it is best if you ask professionals to help improve your existing SEO campaigns.