Planning Your Taxes and Avoiding Penalties

Tax ManangementTax evasion is no simple matter. It is a criminal offense that can give birth to administrative and civil cases. Corporations have lost their credibility due to their failure to declare their true income and file proper taxes. Based on experience, practitioners of state, federal and international tax in Salt Lake City have seen good companies fall because of wrong tax declarations. It is important that you file your taxes on time and that you properly declare your assets and liabilities.

Cyclical Auditing of the Corporate Books

Inconsistencies in transactions and records in the corporate books are subjects of tax evasion. Simple mistakes can snowball into larger penalties if you are not careful. Foreign taxes and local taxes can be compounded and at times, you may be subjected to double taxations.

This is why it is important that you go through cyclical auditing and tax planning. You can secure the accuracy of you books by allowing third party auditing firms or consultants of international tax in Salt Lake City, such as, to skim through your books and transactions.

Tax Avoidance

Several activities can help lessen the taxes that you will have to pay. There are legally sanctioned ways to do this. This is exactly what tax avoidance is about. Contribution to state progress, science exploration, and donation to charitable institutions are among the many ways to lessen the taxes that you have to pay.

Raising the depreciation rates of your properties, however, is not tax avoidance but is effectively evading taxes. Even if this may seem like a normal practice by larger corporations, this is illegal practice and is characterized as an unfair business technique.

Tax Evasion

One major mistake committed by corporations and professionals is thinking that good faith or pure simple negligence is a good defense in tax evasion cases. The law does not make any distinction. Evasion may be intentional or unintentional. Any showing that a person failed to pay the right taxes, failed to declare his true income and delaying the payment are all acts of evasion. These are all punishable by higher taxes with interest, and at times, even imprisonment.

Remember that accurate corporate books make for easier tax filing. When you file on time, you can be assured that you will be given ample time to correct mistakes if there are any. Make it a habit to check your financial statements and to prepare your tax declarations months before the deadline.

Make Your SEO Strategy Work: 3 Things You Should Be Doing

SEO StrategySEO is a big part of online marketing, as it will give you exposure to a wider customer base. Marketers have used many techniques when it comes to this aspect of the digital landscape. Some are still effective, but some have gone downhill.

To help you come up with better SEO techniques, here are some things that you can do:

Keyword Research

You can only use one or two keywords for the content you generate, so it is important to choose the best ones. Use the Google Keyword Planner tool and take the high volume keyword phrases.

You can also use other tools, such as, Term Explorer, or This will help you further evaluate the keywords and determine which ones are appropriate for your campaign and target audience.

Content Creation

After choosing your keywords, look for the best topics to write about — make sure this is relevant, unique, and informative to your target audience. As Singapore’s online marketing experts recommend, content should be shareable and relatable to reach more people.

Use Google Alerts and other sites to know about the trending topics in different industries. Make sure the headline is both clear and catchy, so you can prompt search users to click on your pages. Most importantly, the keywords must fit seamlessly to your content.

Share, Share and Share

Use your social media accounts to post your articles and drive activity to your website. This can boost your organic traffic and help you gain new followers. Do it during peak hours when more people are online.

Join social media groups that are relevant to your industry and be an active member, so you can share your content and be familiar with other influencers. Do not forget to send an email to your subscribers, so they can have access to your new content.

With thorough planning, you can further improve your SEO and online marketing pursuits. The result will bring you a stronger online presence and a wider audience reach.

Doing the Combo of Content, SEO and PR

Online Presence in Australia The best online content marketers know that every article should be well-written, relevant and informative. This is the only way to get the readers’ attention and the respect of Google. But, content marketing isn’t enough to get you on top of search results. You also need SEO campaigns and PR visibility. shares how to gain those things below:

Search for Link-Worthy Content

The first step is to build on content that’s already relevant and effective. Find a good, interesting angle to work on to give something new to the story. By doing this, you can develop content that users and marketers alike would want to share and link to. Link building is still important; just make sure you do it in the most effective way, meaning don’t rush it.

Generate Optimised Content

This is where SEO comes in. Aside from incorporating effective keywords to your content, you must also make sure that the people who will read it will be engaged and convinced enough to know more about your brand and buy something from you. This is a one-two punch for optimizing not just your content, but also your website and business as a whole.

Promote Content to Improve Exposure

Of course, you shouldn’t just generate lovely content and then sit to wait for results driven by shares and word of mouth. You must also intentionally promote it to increase its exposure even more. Hire PR specialists to make sure you have PR visibility. Doing this consistently and efficiently will make you an online influencer over time. This means people will subscribe to your website and Google will deem you credible.

Building an online presence through content marketing, SEO, and PR visibility is easier said than done. If you want results, you need hard work and dedication. Prove yourself to your audience and to search engines and you’ll surely make a mark and reap great results.

The Power of Teamwork: Planning a Team Building Activity for Your Employees

Corporate TeamComing up with a good team building plan can be quite a challenge itself. You have to think of activities that you and your colleagues will enjoy. At the same time, you must fulfill the objectives of your plan. Choosing the wrong activities can be a waste of time, and this is something you wouldn’t want to happen on a company trip.

Here are a few pointers to get you started on your team building plans:

Define your objectives

The first thing that you need to define when coming up with a plan is your objective. List the issues you want to address and the things or skills you want employees to learn, as well as any other objective you may have for the activity.

If you are having trouble identifying what your objectives are, conduct an evaluation among your team. Use the evaluation to come up with the concepts that your team needs to work on during your team building activity.

Brainstorm with your team.

After identifying your objectives, gather your team and discuss with them the goals of your team-building plan. As a group, come up with a list of activities that may help you achieve these goals. Through discussion, you can find out what activities appeal to the group and, at the same time, provide everyone the time to get to know each other.
When it comes to team buildings, outdoor activities make a great option. Camping and hiking are some of the popular choices, as you can include overnight rafting trips, hiking, and other adrenaline-filled activities.

Create a program.

A program will help employees apply what they have learned activity to the workplace. Integrate indoor activities that will supplement the main activity you have chosen. For example, you may hold discussions with the group in both formal and social settings to discuss the roles and duties of each member of the workforce. Following the activity, conduct an evaluation and get insights from participants.

Teamwork is the root of a company’s success. Without collaboration, businesses will have no direction for their future.

King of Investments: Venturing in Queensland’s Tourism Industry

Queensland’s Tourism IndustryQueensland’s growing population and booming economy has set high standards for those living in it and wanting to visit the region. The state’s ranking is second with a 2.4% difference among other states. It follows that QLD provides investors with the opportunity to start businesses while knowing that there is a huge client base, wide choice of employees and well-established facilities, which include the tourism sector.

You can choose to invest in Cairns, Whitsunday Islands and at the South East. Reaching these commercial areas is not a problem as the state has four international airports that connect them to strategic countries like China, Korea and Japan — all of which are countries that have a high number of tourists in AU.

As of 2010, the state recorded about 17.5 million local and global guests per year. Most of which just stayed for a day, but accumulated a return of above 19 billion AUD.

The main travellers’ spot was the Gold Coast with more than 10.5 million transient vacationers and around 10,000 new occupants annually. As far as the South East part of the state is concerned, more accommodations are needed with only 64,000 rooms in the region.  Now, isn’t it the perfect time to get in touch with your local motel brokers for your prospective business venture?

Why Buy Motels?

Since you already know that the state is a perfect place to invest in, you might want look into the possibility of buying and owning a motel.

Motel brokers in Queensland will give you a choice between the freehold deal and the leasehold option. Once you choose the first arrangement, you will be the motel’s property owner and manager at the same time. Meaning, you own the property and you have the rights to resell it while you need to take care of the supervisory chores every step of the way. This is advantageous because you can resell at a bigger value while all the income from the business is yours, since you do not pay rent.

When you opt for the latter choice, you will agree to a long lease period, but for a lesser cost. The price depends on the net earnings of the motel prior to its sale. The lease comes with three vital elements such as the length of the lease, the equipment and fixtures and the intangibles, which include the motel’s good name and customer base. Within the rental time, you will have the chance to up the value of the motel and get the most income in the process.

Live like a king upon starting your business venture into the booming industry of tourism in Queensland.

End of the Year = Tax Planning: Ideas for Easier Tax Planning

Tax Planning in UtahWhen it comes to tax planning, you only have to remember this formula: Gross Income – Deductible Expenses = Net Taxable Income. Put simply, the main goal of tax planning is minimizing your net taxable income. To do this, you must:

Lower your Gross Income

Maximize your contributions to your retirement plan. If you have a 401(k) from your employer or the IRA, or something equal, you can make contributions before the end of the year, as long as you’ve not reached your limit yet. You won’t get taxed for this and it will minimize the income tax this tax year.

You can also defer your income to the next tax year. For example, if you have stocks that have increased since you bought them, you may defer getting a capital gain and increasing your gross income. This is most useful if you can offset your capital gain with a loss in the succeeding tax years.

Maximize your Deductible Expenses

To do this, you can use tax credits and tax deductions.

  • Tax Credits
  1. Child Tax Credit – offers a $1,000 credit for every eligible child under 17 years of age.
  2. Child and Development Care Credit – If you have a child below 13 years old and you pay for someone to take care of him so you can work, you can qualify for this credit.
  3. Lifetime Learning Credit and Hope Credit – offers as much as $2,500 credit for every eligible student that is enrolled in approved higher education institutions.
  4. Energy Saving Appliances – If you have energy saving devices installed in your home, you can qualify for as much as $2,000 credit.
  • Tax Deductions
  1. IRA Accounts – Although these don’t deliver immediate tax breaks, if you remove money from accounts like this, it won’t be counted as taxable income.
  2. Medical Costs – You can deduct medical costs of more than 7.5%.
  3. Homeowners Deductions – Modifying the schedule of particular payments can aid in advancing deductions for your property and mortgage tax.
  4. Personal and Business Expenses – You can charge a portion of these on your credit card to possibly claim them this tax year but repay them the next tax year.

Take note, however, that these tax planning tips are only general guidelines. For better, personalized, and proper tax planning, it is still best to consult your accountant.

The Unreliability of Offshore Trusts

asset protection specialistWhen it comes to asset protection, few instruments hold as much renown (and perhaps infamy) as the offshore trust. People love the idea of stowing their funds in a different country to avoid losing it in bankruptcy or divorce. Unfortunately, it seldom works out as planned.

While the thought of hiding your money in a far-away island to keep it completely safe from the government, debtors, or your ex-wife is appealing, the truth is far more complicated. Offshore trusts have proven to be notoriously unreliable for asset protection, and they are rapidly falling out of favor.

Most asset protection experts like recommend forming a well-made and perfectly legal domestic trust instead. But what exactly is the problem with the classic strategy of opening a trust in a different country?

  1. Effectiveness – As mentioned earlier, there is a strong legal precedent for defeating offshore trusts. Defendants in dozens of cases, ranging from bankruptcy proceedings to divorce, have had their offshore assets seized by the court. Some people were even incarcerated after being accused of fraud.
  2. Cost – Despite the relatively imperfect security it provides, creating an offshore trust is still very expensive. Making one can cost you tens of thousands of dollars – making it out of reach of all but the wealthiest people. The annual costs can also be tremendous, further eating into your funds.
  3. Legitimacy – There is a strongly negative image associated with offshore trusts, and having one instantly makes the court suspicious. It has traditionally been used for criminal activities, after all, and will warrant a very close investigation.
  4. Convenience – Offshore trusts have very strict reporting requirements, and taxes can be a major headache to deal with. This will take up hours of your time every year, and any mistakes can be costly.
  5. Privacy – It is illegal to hide your offshore accounts in a bankruptcy proceeding. Unlike some domestic trusts, you must disclose your offshore assets when you fill out the bankruptcy questionnaire – otherwise, you face fines and fraud charges.

As you can see, an offshore trust might be able to protect your assets to a certain extent, but it is definitely not perfect. There are better options out there, so you should do your research before spending time and money setting up an account that will do little for you when it counts.

A Small Business Guide to Google’s Disavow Tool

Google's Disavow ToolAs a small and developing business, you should be concerned about everything that happens to your site. If you keep yourself updated with the efforts of your digital marketing agency, then you might have heard of tools that can help your site rank on search, like Google’s disavow tool. Introduced in October 2013, this tool allows site owners to ask Google to not count specific links that point to their site.

If you’re planning to hire backlink removal services, noted that you should at least be aware of what it is and what it can do to your site. Here’s a short guide to help you understand it better:

Quality-based Ranking Signals are Better

Quality is much better than quantity in today’s SEO. Google doesn’t care about the number of links you have. What they care about is where they came from and how authoritative and relevant they are. For instance, having 100 links in 10 different sites is better than having 100 in two sites only.

Disavow Can Hurt Your Site If Used Incorrectly

The disavow tool is like a double-edged sword. If used correctly, it helps your site rank better. If used incorrectly, it can harm the performance of your site in SERPs. Google mentions in their support page that it’s best to disavow backlinks that only cause an amount of artificial, spammy, and low quality links to your site.

It’s Possible to Reavow Disavowed Links

The disavow tool is highly reliable, but what if you made a mistake? Fortunately, you can take back what you submitted and make some changes. Reavowing a link is simple — you remove the link from the disavow file then resubmit the file.

The disavow tool is a remarkable Google feature, but only when used properly. If you’re not sure how to use it, then leave the removal of backlinks to those who know it better.

3 No-Nonsense Steps to Start the Company Office

PlanMicro-businesses or micro-enterprises are small-time business entities that typically employ few people. There are many micro-enterprises doing trade in the United States. As an owner of a business, whether it is a computer programming outsourcing, accounting firm, or a machine shop, you know that it cannot stay small in the long run. To make the big bucks, you know your business has to inevitably grow, and that means expanding from the small office.

When the business calls for expansion, you have to start building a large base of operations for the company – a larger office in simpler terms. This is the simple three-step manual to do it.

Get the Space

You need the office dedicated for the business, and that means new space. To do this, you can call in building companies or contractors to build you an office. A simple single-story building will do, but if you need bigger, just add some more materials.

Construction from the ground up gives you the advantage of being able to call the shotscompletely in how you would like the office to be. However, if you are looking for a faster and cheaper way to get the space, you can look for office buildings for sale or for lease.

Working Facilities and Logistics

Once you have the office space built, you can then fill it with the necessary work facilities and equipment you will use. Depending on the nature of your small company, you can populate the space with computer workstations or other office requirements.

Give your employees the space and materials they need, starting from their own workstations to the office pantry. Stock up on office supplies on this stage, too.

Technical Infrastructure

Now that the employees’ workstations are in place, and the office is ready for habitation, the final step is turning the office operational by establishing the needed technical infrastructure. This can start from outfitting it with the necessary electrical rigs to support the operations of the office.

And, as per modern information technology, the need for an effective office IT infrastructure comes as well. A phone and data network installation will integrate the many facilities of the office to achieve efficiency and meet the demands of the business from matters in administration, operations, and logistics to customer transactions.

Small-scale businesses are a good way to start, but eventually, it has to grow. And when businesses expand, an effective base of operations is always a help. Know how to start yours.

The Basics of Glass Balustrades

Glass BalustradesThe house is made up of different parts, all essential. There are parts, however, that stand out, like the balustrades. This home fitting provides better safety and enhanced aesthetics, making your place more valuable. Balustrades are commonly made of wood and metal. It’s only in the past few years that manufacturers began using glass.

Glass balustrades somehow provide better advantages over wood and metal-made ones. While all these materials provide you with protection from falling off stairs and balconies or blocking off entryways, glass balustrading in Perth homes shows better appearance with its sophisticated nature and looks.

More than the visual advantages, this kind of barriers require less maintenance. You don’t have to paint it frequently to keep it appealing. Glass doesn’t wear and tear as much as wood, nor does it get rusty like metal. This balustrade can stay in good condition for a long time even with less attention.

Versatility and Simplicity Combined

In addition, glass balustrades are versatile enough to fit on any area of the house. Many homeowners use this not just on stairs and balconies, but also around their pools. You can install glass balustrades practically anywhere in the house that needs some type of fence. It doesn’t matter what kind of design your house is, as this home fitting is available in many textures and decorations to fit in.

Better Lighting and Illusion of Space

It has been an issue with homeowners before about the perception of lacking space with balustrades. As glass material is transparent, it creates an illusion of wider space in your home. It doesn’t block the view and allows sufficient light to travel. With glass balustrades, you won’t feel confined and uncomfortable.

There are a few house fittings that you can install yourself. Glass balustrades, however, aren’t one of those. You must hire a professional contractor to get the exact measurement of the areas and to do the installation in a safe and efficient way.

If you’re after a sophisticated and stylish look for your home, installing glass balustrades is an ideal choice. Apart from getting the enhancement you desire, you also get to make your place more secure.