3 Ways ERP can Boost Growing Businesses

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An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is a common system utilised by businesses these days. Although the varying ERP solutions available in the market differ in applications, features, technology concepts and complexity, they all aim to streamline business transactions at the end of the day.

ERPs can provide visibility to every aspect of the business process, including process management, inventory, invoicing and accounting, depending on your company’s needs. The ERP that Unit 4 Asia Pacific offers, for example, provides a range of support services for the requirements of customers in particular sectors, locations and with unique business processes. Here are specific ways how ERP can boost your business.

A More Efficient Supply Chain

ERPs can eliminate the need to fill out time-consuming paperwork, thereby ridding companies of a system that is prone to duplicated data entries and inaccuracies because of its manual nature. With an ERP, you may even send vital pieces of information with a simple click of a mouse.

An ERP can also electronically send a bill of matters and orders to suppliers so you can monitor the status of all your projects in real time. It can improve accountability and communication in your business transactions.

An All-In-One Application

As mentioned earlier, ERPs boast of different features and applications. This then saves your staff the time and effort of operating just one system instead of a handful. By relying on a single database, ERP can help staff make better and faster decisions. An improved decision-making process positively impacts business growth.

Higher Revenue

Better and faster business transactions brought about by an ERP system helps your business grow and ultimately earn higher revenue. For example, through the implementation of such a system, managers can easily identify inefficient activities within the operational chain and adjust the company’s processes to run efficiently, as well as at a lower cost.

Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions are now a common part of industrial and commercial business operations. Their advancements and efficiency are very helpful in streamlining business transactions, boosting growth and helping businesses achieve and surpass their revenue goals.

Starting a Business: 3 Ideas for Raising Capital

Businessman counting his assets to invest as funding on a new businessBeing an entrepreneur these days mean that you have to be capable of thinking out of the box, especially when it comes to raising funds for your startup. Capital isn’t easy to find, and sometimes it takes more than just creativity and business intelligence to get the cash you need.

Depending on the kind of business you’d like to set up, there are different ways to come up with the money you need. It may be a combination of several of these suggestions:

Take out a loan

The amount of money you need will dictate where you can apply for a loan. You may try your bank, but that kind of loan — while possibly substantial — needs security with a collateral. You can also take out smaller loans for short-term needs. A cash loan, as Utah Money Center cites as an example, can be a real lifesaver if you need money right away. All you need to remember is you should be capable of paying it back within a short time.

Use your own money

It’s common for entrepreneurs to use their savings or whatever resources they have to fund their business initially. You may even use a zero-interest credit card to buy some of the things your business needs.

Borrow from your friends and family

This is perhaps the most traditional way to raise capital. Borrowing from family and friends has its upside. They are more likely to trust you and believe in your vision for the business. The downside is if you break your promise to pay them back, your personal relationship may suffer. It helps if they can loan you the money for at least a year, and you should initiate a binding contract regarding payments.

Any kind of business entails some risks and responsibilities. Many entrepreneurs struggle during the initial phase of their business, particularly with cash flow. You need a higher kind of resolve and dedication to succeed and to honor your loans.

The Path to Finding the Right Digital Creative Agency for You

Online MarketingNot every digital agency is a great fit for your current business needs. Picking the right one, however, requires a lot of homework. The effort is worth it and you’ll be saving yourself from unnecessary hassle when you make the right choice of digital creative agency:

Step 1 – Check Out Their Home Page

They’re a “digital creative agency,” right? That means their web page should be remarkable. If you like what you see then you will like the style they can bring to your projects.

Step 2 – How Easy Were You Able to Find Them?

If it took you five pages (or more) from the SERPs to find them, then they may have some trouble with their SEO services. Do you need some SEO along with your crafty designs? Make sure their services are well rounded. You never know if you will need some extra stuff done for your projects in the not so distant future.

Step 3 – Who are They?

What kind of team makes up your selected digital creative agency in Melbourne? Does each member of the staff have credentials to back up their expertise? Are they proud of their team? Do they enthuse expertise and proper decorum? That also means you get the chance to meet them along the way.

Step 4 – Pricing

Many businesses today will be on a tight budget. That means they will try to optimise their processes. That also means if you skimp on the cost, you will probably get a few flaws on their work. Find out what level of work you can get for a specific price. Remember that quality service doesn’t come cheap.

Step 5 – Always Shoot for the Long Term

Things can go wrong along the way. By that, it means far along the way, like a year or two after your project has been completed. Make sure that the company can stay in business that long. Establish a relationship between your business and theirs since it will be mutually beneficial in the long run.

Follow these steps and you have good chances of finding the right digital agency for your business.

Social Media Strategies that May Make or Break Your Business

Social media written in a yellow notepad held on a palmSocial media is evolving; it is no longer just a community of people who want to share across continents or connect with others. It has become a tool for marketers to reach their audiences and advertise products and services. However, a lot of people caught on to this and are sometimes ignoring paid advertising. Sievers Creative, an expert on search engine optimization from Minnesota cites the following strategies and trends that can make or break your online business.

Converged Social

LinkedIn and Microsoft have created innovations that benefit advertisers in different ways. Especially, if you integrate your professional social profiles using Microsoft 365 apps. Many experts agree that there will be many more integrations to take place in the future. The potential is huge when you start taking this approach and including it in your campaigns.

Facebook Internet

Experts agree that Facebook will continue to dominate social media for advertising, video and usage, and probably won’t be changing in the near future. Instagram and WhatsApp messaging may become big social networks and may compete with Facebook. However, the latter’s users won’t leave, that’s why you must try using different social media platforms to reach your audience effectively and achieve objectives.

Video Content

Experts agree that video content is the in thing in online marketing right now. Real-time video is one of the most effective types and platforms such as Snapchat, Periscope and Facebook Live are leading the way in terms of engagement. Similar to live TV, live video enables companies, different chances to reach their audience and be flexible in their presentations. If this approach is beyond your comfort zone, find an influencer that does this for you.

Mobile’s Bigger Role

More and more people are using their mobile devices to do a lot of things because of the available apps and better features with each new release. These are the reasons you must constantly improve your site to make it mobile-friendly.

Social media will keep on changing, adapting to these changes provides you with a competitive advantage and improves your search engine rank.

A Start-Up’s Guide to Employment Benefits

A Group of Employees

You’ve successfully started your business and the clients are beginning to pour in. The question now is how can you make your employees happy? Start by providing them a good benefits package. This will ensure that they don’t jump ship the moment they encounter difficulties.

Some start-ups that have limited time and resources usually employ Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act or COBRA administration services to reduce their responsibility. Below are some of the benefits that the law requires:

  • Adhere to the FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act)
  • Employers should take part in a short-term disability program if based in a state where it exists.
  • Offer benefits to unemployed members of the community by paying federal and state unemployment taxes
  • Employers should pay their share of FICA taxes and deduct these from paychecks of their employees.
  • Offer employees disability and retirement benefits
  • Adhere to all compensation requirements necessary for employees
  • Provide workers time off to conduct military service, serve jury duty, or vote

On the other hand, you don’t need to offer:

  • Sick leaves, paid vacations, or holidays
  • Life insurance plans
  • Vision or dental plans
  • Health plans (excluding Hawaii)
  • Retirement plans

Nevertheless, some start-ups would rather provide their employees most of these benefits to stand out from the competition. The majority of employers offer paid holidays for Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, and New Year’s Day. Otherwise, you could give your employees the freedom to take time off during these holidays without pay or use their vacation days on religious holidays.

Keep in mind that most of your full-time workers anticipate getting a week or two of paid vacation each year. When you’re explaining your vacation policy to them, indicate the allotted time they could request for time off and if they should accomplish a form.

Protect the future of your business by keeping your employees happy. After all, they’re your brand ambassadors that will take care of your clients and uphold your brand name.

Inexpensive Ways to Start Your Office

An Office Small, start-up businesses or even the big ones are always on the prowl for various ways to save up on costs. In any case, it is very vital that you reduce expenses, especially when building your own office space.

Before you start your furniture shopping, may it be a choice to purchase a new or a used office desk, read on these tips to help you save tons of cash.

Plan ahead

Before you go out and buy your desks and chairs, plan and evaluate first the things that your new office needs. Count the number of tables, chairs, workstations or equipment you need then write it down. Make sure to take note of the color, design, and other specifics that you prefer to see in your office.

Research and shop

Once you have listed down all the things you need, check the deals on the different furniture shops – in stores and online. Compare their prices until you see deals that fit your budget and your needs. More than the price, also check the quality of the products you are buying.

It is important to purchase quality office furniture that suits your budget.

Consider buying second-hand

A number of sellers online are selling used but quality products. There are even dealers who are selling refurbished office furniture that even offer a warranty on the products. Shopping for second-hand items may take more time and effort, but there is always a chance you might find that hidden gem in a haystack full of pre-owned merchandise.

Setting up a small office space requires careful planning and research. Make sure you consider all the necessary details, which include your budget, before buying what you need.

Quick Guide to Choosing the Printing Company as Your Business Partner

Printing CompanyIt is important to choose a professional that can help your business with its printing needs – and one that goes beyond speed, quality, cost, and quantity.

A good printing company should be able to answer your needs and questions. After all, printing brochures, promotional materials, and other documents to be printed involve proofing, estimating, choosing file types, and more, which you cannot handle alone. Look for a printing company that can do all these for you.

Other than that, here’s what to look for when hiring a printing company:

Experienced Staff

A printing company with an experienced staff can save you time and effort. You can simply tell them your requirements and they can easily understand your needs and the technicalities involved with it.

At the same time, an experienced staff can recommend the best options for your printing requirements. As a result, you get the best value for your money.

Flexible Options

On the other hand, if you’re already knowledgeable about printing, or if you have a dedicated staff that handles your graphics, look for a printing company that offers flexible printing options. This is especially helpful if you have various printing requirements.

A printing company that offers flexible options is also cost-effective and can help you save time. You can work with a single company for two projects at a time, for a cheaper cost.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Of course, you should make sure that your printing company has state-of-the-art printing equipment. This ensures that you get the latest in print designs, and that you get high quality printouts. Hi-tech equipment also ensures that whatever the size you need, the printing company can provide it for you.


Location is also important because if you choose a local printing company, you won’t have to think about the cost of shipping. You can simply pick up your printouts from the printing company, without extra charges.

Before you shell out money for a printing service, take note of these to get the most bang for your buck.

4 Factors that Make Print Signage Important in the Digital Age

Adult Learning about technologyThe newspaper industry’s slow death is a great symbol of print marketing’s struggle in an era of computer and smartphones. According to a report, the newspaper advertising market in Australia was only worth $2.4 billion in 2016, a sharp 40 percent decline in just a span of five years.

Despite digital media’s dominance, there are still features of print that technology-heavy applications cannot duplicate. If you have a business and are thinking about putting up signs to attract customers, you might have thought twice about their effectiveness. But here are four factors that make print signs relevant up to this day.

The Message is Key

Your medium means very little if you do not have a good message to relay in the first place. Moreover, just because LED signs and TV screens are in trend, it does not automatically means they are better. It is all about knowing your target audience and how you can effectively communicate with them through print advertising.


Print signage is not just a combination of texts and images on a screen that will disappear if you pull the plug off a machine. Print ads are not momentary like LED signs; instead, they are physical items that provide brands with consistent visibility. Eurotech suggests that you keep your signage secure with a key to keep vandals from stealing it protects it from extreme weather conditions.

Personal Approach

As opposed to screens, print signage is more personal. Receiving letters and vouchers in the mail, for example, will make customers feel that you value them. This will help with customer loyalty and retention.

Rare as a Diamond

With the obvious decline of print signage, you tend to pay more attention to them because they are already rare in a technology-heavy environment. This gives print marketing an advantage because people will take the time to read your message.

Digital signs and marketing are here to stay, but print signage offers a more personal and concrete marketing approach that digital signage cannot duplicate. A good combination of both, however, can boost your online and offline presence.

What Are the Different Types of Brand Names?

rebranding decisionWhat’s in a brand name? This may seem like a simple question, but an expert on custom merchandise cites that names are important to brands who want to use these on their products and promotional items. A name can make or break a company as it creates association, and carries emotional and experiential triggers. When you know the different types of brand names available to you, you can choose the right one and build on it.

Descriptive Name

This category is the oldest type and has been in use for decades; this is effective because it describes your business the moment a potential customer reads it. Some examples include PayPal a payment company and Subway serves unique and delicious submarine sandwiches, clearly show what they offer with the names of their brand. This approach differentiates and positions your company in the niche you choose. It is easier for potential and current customers to recognise you.

However, this type may also work against you, because it constrains and keeps your brand in a box. Your brand name may no longer hold meaning to your existing services or products because your company evolved since its inception.

Abbreviated Names

Many brands abbreviate their company name but remain recognisable to their customers some examples include IBM, GE, HP and UPS. Companies take this route because of practicality, their names are too long, or evolution over the years. Acronyms are easy to say, remember and trademark; however, they are empty vessels that need time to fill. This takes a lot of time and effort to build a brand and improve recall and recognition.

Invented Name

Some brands successfully made up words and made it their own these include Google, Twitter, Kodak and Xerox. The creators created a word to represent their company; an invented word is influential as they don’t carry any meaning, you can create one for it.

These three types have their pros and cons; know which one may work for your start-up and use it to your advantage.