Why Buying the Number 13 Condo is Not a Bad Idea

number 13

number 13You saw this new high rise in Brisbane CBD: features a beautiful architectural design; has modern facilities; and is conveniently a few minutes away from your office. You checked the interior space and fell in love with it the first time. Your bank’s mortgage approvals ready for your purchase, and your significant other likes it, too. Everything seems so perfect until you find out that the only available unit is number 13.

This scenario is commonplace in the Land Down Under. A study revealed that about 56% of Australians are superstitious. One-third of the population finds anything that has to do with the number 13 uncomfortable.

According to Pointcorp, a premier property developer in Australia, many people still believe in real estate luck even in this modern age. Be it the street, the unit or the date of purchase, a lot of buyers are reluctant to close the deal when the “unlucky digit” is in the mix. While there’s no concrete proof to back these beliefs, to think that it won’t hurt to live by them is the ultimate justification of most.

What you choose to believe in is entirely up to you; however, you can’t ignore the possibility that you might miss something if you let such superstition get in your way when making a decision. What you thought to be a bad luck may actually be a blessing in disguise.

You Might Get a Steal

The stigma of number 13 affects the value of many apartment and condo units. As a lot of buyers don’t want it, hence developers have no choice but to reduce their prices. This means you could be living in the same quality unit as your neighbour’s for a relatively low price.

Think of the amount that you can save and the way your extra money can improve your lifestyle. When buying a property, it pays to be practical most of the time.

You May Compromise the Life You Want
What if this is the perfect living space for your lifestyle, are you going to pass up just because it says 13 on the door?

You have to deal with things pragmatically. Even if the market has plenty of available spaces for sale, all properties are different in one way or another. Opportunity knocks only once; grab the chance to buy the space you think is best for you before somebody else does.

At the end of the day, 13 is just a number. Your decisions, and only them, have got something to do with your luck.