Burial or Cremation: Which is Better for You in the Future?

a woman looking at burial jar and coffins

As you face the passing of a loved one, your thoughts usually course to questions about the afterlife. However, there are also real-world questions that you have to answer, like what you want your loved ones to do with your final remains.

You can postpone this decision and ignore it because of fear of the unknown, yet picking between burial and cremation can help your family. It might not seem essential now, but this decision can reduce the struggle, pain and indecision they will experience after you pass.

You can even make it easier for them by making the prearrangements, like picking headstones here in West Valley City, if you do end up choosing burial.

Cultural and Religious Beliefs

Culture and religion guide views regarding the existence of an afterlife, and the purpose of life and death. You must consider this aspect primarily because your religious observance may overrule other considerations.

Every tradition has their personal views about the afterlife and death, and each of them can have an impact on your final decision.

Funeral and Memorial Services

When someone passes, their loved ones typically want to acknowledge their death. Funeral and memorial services offer a comforting space where loved ones can remember personal moments, say goodbye, grieve and celebrate the life that person lived.

Cremation, on the other hand, is not an alternative to a service or a funeral. Funerals can either be closed or open casket, and it happens before the cremation or burial. Memorial services usually occur after cremation where the picture of the deceased, their urn, and flowers are on display.

The decision between cremation and burial can be hard. In the end, it will rely on your personal preference, like wanting the burial near your family who already passed. On the other hand, you may wish cremation if you are more environmentally conscious.

If you still cannot decide, try speaking to a spiritual or religious leader, your family or other loved ones to help you weigh the pros and cons.