Breaking Ground: What Mining is All About

MiningThe mining industry is one of the Australian economy’s mainstay trade. Australia is home to many regions that are especially rich in materials just there for the digging. Harvesting the inherent mineral riches of the Earth has always been a job for extraordinary men. Some people think it’s only as simple as blasting up rocks and taking the ore back for processing, but it is not. It is more than that. Here are the two principles mining companies have to keep in mind.


Back in the day, mining (and other large-scale industries) did not have to think about what happens to the Earth when they do their job. This was when the Earth and its resource reserves were still in good condition and in abundance. But today, it is a known fact that precious Earth materials and its condition are getting scarcer and worse by the year. Some of these naturally-occurring minerals are not renewable. To put things in better perspective, if the mining industries mine these minerals faster than the Earth can replenish it, they may find themselves out of a job in due time. This said sustainability is a huge question.

Mining companies should be aware of the corporate responsibility that comes with mining practices to ensure sustainability. These entities should cooperate to develop new technologies that improve the amount of economically viable materials. Additionally, they should also implement environment-preserving policies to reduce pollution. Investing and implementing these renews the already-diminished mineral reserves of the Earth, ensuring a future for both producers and consumers in the mining industry.


Safety is always a concern in every industry. Digging up minerals in the Earth is not without its dangers. Mining has many occupational hazards  not limited to rock falls, cave-ins, machinery accident and radiation exposure from radioactive materials. This said mining companies have to implement safety and accident prevention policies to keep the miners out of harm’s way. This includes issuing and requiring the use of personal protective equipment (PPEs) on-site, regular safety evaluations, seminars and training to issuing every miner with Take 5 books to know their safety plans and procedures, according to

To conclude, mining is not just about breaking ground and taking the dirt back for processing. It involves keeping the Earth viable for future mining as well as keeping everyone involved safe. These two principles ensure that mining remains a proactive, efficient and sustainable industry.