Before Death: Vital Funeral Details That You Should Plan For

Funeral PlanningIt’s a fact that funeral services can result in a lot of drama. It’s especially true for those who had no pre-planned funeral arrangements. You might want to avoid that mistake by deciding on these important details before your death:

Date, Time, and Location – This isn’t a prediction of when you’ll die. Instead, it’s a set schedule for when you want the invitations, service, and post funeral events will happen after you’ve passed away. This is when you also get to choose where you want to have the funeral done. The popular choice is the chapel, but don’t limit yourself to typical places of worship.

Guests – Much like a birthday party, you choose who gets to see you. While security isn’t where you want to put the budget on, it would help if you ensured only the most trusted people can attend your funeral, memorial service, and burial. If there are people that you or your friends don’t want to see, give them the opportunity to visit your gravestone when the whole program is over.

Music – There are no rules on what music should and shouldn’t be played at a funeral. If you want to play your favorite Broadway hits, go ahead. If rap music was the beat you lived by, then it’s your call if you want to put in a bit of Tupac or Bone Thugs in the speakers. It would be better if you provided a whole playlist while you’re at it.

Cemetery – McDougal Funeral Home noted that burial vaults offer solid places of repose where those you’ve left behind can visit you. This is a good place to be, whether you choose to be under the ground, in a mausoleum, or cremated. Choose a cemetery and a spot that’s accessible by most of your kin, so you won’t have to worry about their discomfort when visiting your remains.

The death of a loved one is hard enough to deal with. It becomes even crazier when details aren’t planned properly. Offer your family and friends some levity by thinking ahead for their own sakes.