Become a Better Writer with These Ideas

Essay WritingEssay writing, whether it is for a college application or in one of your classes, is an important skill that you will still use after your years in school. Learning how to write takes time and practice, as the cliché goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

These are some of the strategies that help you become a better writer:

Understand the Academic Format

When writing an essay, you must always use the right format as this shows mastery of the basics, which is important once you enter college. All essays need an original title that must give an idea of what it’s about. It must also contain introductory paragraphs, several sentences in the body that explain and elaborate your argument, and a paragraph or more to conclude it. If you are unsure about the formats, take online high school courses.

Use the Appropriate Words

Word choice matters when you write a formal essay, using colloquial language is cool among friends, but these are unsuitable for college applications or school requirements. You want the reader to believe you know what you’re talking about, you want them to respect you and you want them to think you’re credible. Depending on whom you’re writing, the tone must be formal and professional-sounding.

The Elevator Pitch

This is a technique used by salespeople when they condense arguments into short summaries that increase the likelihood of a sale. In this concept a salesperson imagines being in a lift, during the time it takes to reach their floor, they must provide compelling reasons for someone to buy what they sell. The essay you write must sell an idea to the reader or at least make them read more.

Essay writing is a skill that you develop, so don’t worry about not having talent. This takes time, a lot of practice and several hours of reading every day.