Basic Types of Diamond Cuts that You Need to Know


Technically, the cut of a diamond can have an effect on the light that it reflects. Aside from that, the shape of the diamond itself shows the wearer’s personal style. Hence, before you go ahead and purchase an engagement ring from Tiny Jewel Box, here are a few basic types of diamond cuts that you need to know.

Round Brilliant

It is considered the most popular diamond shape when it comes to engagement rings. According to Harper’s Bazaar, it has a standard 58 facets in order to have a maximum reflection of light. It is fit for people who are looking for a classic style and who appreciates tradition and elegance at the same time.

Fancy Shapes

Fancy shapes such as Princess cut diamonds boast an angular and contemporary look that shows beautiful geometric settings. They even offer almost the same brilliance as that of round brilliant diamonds but at a much lower price. Meanwhile, heart-shaped diamonds are popular with die-hard romantics who want to express their sentiments to their loved ones.


Emerald cut diamond lovers understand the meaning of understated luxury. It shows off a more modern and elegant design without going over the top. You will fall even deeper in love with this cut as soon as you see how well-crafted it is.


Cushion cut diamonds often feature a more softened corner and even larger facets to give them extra sparkle. They often exhibit a more vintage charm but in a modern setting.

Choosing the right cut of a diamond is important and should be based on the wearer’s style. You have to consider your partner’s personality and taste to know which one would suit her best. It is also important to set a budget when choosing an engagement ring so that you will have enough funds for the entire proposal.