Ask Digital Agencies These Top Three Questions before Hiring the Right One

people discussing reports and strategies in a digital agencyIt’s a difficult decision to hire the right public relations company that can manage digital campaigns for your small enterprise. While the costs can become higher than you expected, you’re not guaranteed that a digital campaign can produce the results you desperately need. However, a successful campaign has the potential to create publicity for your business that you can’t manage on your own.

The question now is, how do you find a PR company that can guarantee you success? What you need is a Melbourne digital agency such as Sphere that can meet your budget and has a track record of providing successful results. To help you find such a company, you can ask these top three questions to assess them:

What is your expertise?

While there are many kinds of PR agencies, you’ll need one that is an expert in managing digital campaigns, brand awareness, and social media presence. Asking PR agencies samples of their previous work can also help you decide. It might also help to hire an agency that focuses on providing services for the type of business that you have.

Ask PR companies what campaigns they have managed for other clients in the past and the results. Have they solely worked on Facebook campaigns or Twitter campaigns only? Perhaps they’ve collaborated with a comprehensive digital campaign that includes all major social networks, which can be a plus for your business.

What services do you offer?

Never consider a digital agency as a 3rd party to your company, but rather as an annexe to your team. You’ll find it easier to connect with them and eventually create a favourable working environment. You’ll end up getting the services you truly want.

Digital agencies, however, should foremost, plan and implement PR efforts. Aside from creating and improving social media presence, they can conduct research and propose programs of actions that you can do with them to promote your business to the public.

What is the cost of your services?

Lastly, PR agencies are mainly categorised based on their global and local reach. If your initial aim is to create awareness about your brand in the local scene, you can get a Melbourne digital agency, which is more affordable. However, if you want to go on a global scale, hire a bigger PR firm, but it’ll be more expensive.