ABS: Sydney, Melbourne Residents Spend Fewer Hours on House Chores

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data showed that Australians how live in the inner suburbs of Melbourne and Sydney spend less time on household chores, compared to those who live in the outer suburbs.

Wealthy households unsurprisingly spend fewer hours on household chores. In Sydney, strata cleaning companies and other commercial service providers most likely do that for them.

Suburban Houses

Based on ABS statistics, as much as two-thirds of residents in Sydney’s eastern suburbs such as Waverley and Woollahra spend less than five hours each week on cleaning their own houses. This same percentage also applies to Melbourne’s coastal ring of Port Phillip and Stonnington.

By contrast, the local government areas on the outskirts of both capital cities spend the most time on household chores.

The size of your home serves as one factor for the amount of time spent on housework. Those who live in three- or four-bedroom houses, which are more common in outer suburbs, are more likely to spend between 15 and 29 hours of cleaning every week.

Strata Cleaning

Inner suburbs have fewer homes with three or four bedrooms, so cleaning them takes a shorter time. Residents in the inner city typically live in strata homes, which have become more common especially in Sydney.

According to the Strata Community Association (SCA), strata properties account for more than 270,000 schemes across more than two million individual lots in the country.

Maintenance and cleaning work for strata homes slightly differ from stand-alone houses. For this reason, building owners and managers hire commercial cleaners to do several jobs from cleaning windows to vacuuming floors.

The ABS data does not necessarily indicate that most Australians are lazy since it does not take into account if there are hired cleaners at home. How often do you clean your house?