A Workspace That Works: What Makes Good Office Design?

Modern office interior

Indoor basketball courts, cafes and bars, bowling alleys — these are just some of the trendiest additions to modern offices today, especially in Las Vegas. These are all well and good, but with the ever changing trends and styles in workspaces, it’s rather a financially risky move to jump from one fad to another.

At the end of the day, it goes back to the question of what exactly makes a good office design. Every effective workspace design has these factors.

Enables Productivity

The office environment, of course, must take into consideration the workflow of employees. Their workspace can make or break productivity. There’s been a lot of debates about which office layouts enable efficient work: open plans or partitioned ones.

The answer here is that it depends on your employees’ tasks. If they would need to huddle as a group every now and then, open plans make that easier. If there’s much concentration needed for individual tasks, then partitioned spaces will enable that.

If you could have both communal and private spaces, that would give your office greater flexibility. There are many versatile pieces of office furniture Las Vegas stores offer — both online and off. These will help you make your space more flexible for employee use.

Offers Respite

Offices are, no doubt, one of the most stressful environments. And as you know, stress is a hindrance to productivity. Reduce the stress, and you boost productivity.

While you can do little in terms of the paperwork and the demanding clients, you could very well cut the stress down by providing spaces for rest and recreation. Tech companies are known for their nap pods and in-house fitness centers.

These areas allow employees to relax and recharge for a bit. Remember that when designing relaxation areas, furniture matters. In nap pods, for instance, a homey environment, complete with a comfy couch, soft pillows, and warm rugs, is important.

Reflects Company Values

This is probably the often-forgotten factors in designing office spaces. The aesthetics of your office space should be aligned with what you value the most as an organization.

This isn’t only for consistency, which is deeply important, but also for instilling to your employees your core values. The environment they’re in should inspire them to inspire what your business stands for.

For instance, if you’re in the advertising industry and you’re leveraging on creativity, how is this philosophy reflected in your office space? Does the color choice reflect your commitment to innovation and broader imagination? Is your branding in your office furniture?

Remember, your workplace should reflect your company values. Good office design is one that works for your employees’ productivity, allows rest, and aligns with your company values. Take note of these three as you plan your space.